8th grade students show their love for service during Rehoboth trip


The first week of October was not your typical school week….not for Denver Christian School’s 8th grade class.

Boarding a charter bus in the early morning darkness, the 40 students, teacher Mr. Dirksen, and Middle School principal Mr. Amidon, along with a few awesome parents, headed out on a mission trip destined to build character, faith and friendships.

For a number of years, Denver Christian School has been traveling to Rehoboth, outside of Gallup, NM – an incredibly poor county in the United States – to work along side the students of Rehoboth Christian School in a week of service to others.

8th grade cleaners“I didn’t know what a washboard was until this trip. Now I do and I am pretty good at it.” – Sophia Bull

The students worked hard each day serving at the local food pantry, cleaning up around the school, helping in the kindergarten classrooms, serving in many ways at the homeless shelter and more.


When they weren’t engaging in acts of service, there was opportunity to cultural learning. Students spent time with Navajo people who showed them their traditions in dance, music, weaving, and more.

8th graders learn from Navajo weaver 

When they weren’t engaging in acts of service or cultural learning, they were enjoying time together outside of their typical classrooms.


Devotions in the evening was a favorite time for all to give Him thanks for all the gifts He has bestowed upon them.

At the end of the week, Our 8th grade returned more loving, more faithful, more united, way more tired, full of memories, and ready to embrace the rest of their 8th grade year!

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