The Swartwoods

One family’s decision to transfer to Denver Christian for high school

The Swartwood family began a new chapter this past year when they discovered Denver Christian. The Smartwoods were drawn to Denver Christian’s Christ-centered environment and commitment to nurturing both academic and spiritual growth. Denver Christian quickly became more than just a school for them—it became a community they cherish.

Their decision to enroll their high schooler at Denver Christian was driven by a desire for a more personalized educational experience. Smaller class sizes offered the opportunity for their child to receive individual attention and thrive academically without feeling lost in a large crowd. More importantly, Denver Christian’s integration of a Christian worldview into all aspects of learning resonated deeply with the Swartwood family’s values. This worldview would provide a foundation for their child to grow not only intellectually but also spiritually.

For all the reasons above and more. We wanted a place where our high schooler could improve in academics with a smaller class size, where our child would be loved, not get lost in the mix, and taught with a christian world view.

– Claire Swartwood

A Year’s Transformation

In just one year after transferring, the Swartwoods have witnessed positive changes in their child. Academic progress is evident, but so too is the development of qualities like responsibility, accountability, and respect for others. They’ve observed a deepening of their child’s faith. They were marked by an enriched prayer life and a stronger sense of gratitude for God’s blessings. Confidence has grown in academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and social interactions, reflecting the holistic approach to education Denver Christian champions.

The Swartwoods noticed more beyond the academic and spiritual benefits. They emphasize the warm and welcoming community that has embraced them from day one. They appreciate the dedication of the school’s leadership and the hard work of the teachers. The staff create an environment where families feel involved and supported.

The Swartwood family’s positive experience has solidified their recommendation of Denver Christian to other parents seeking a nurturing and faith-based educational environment for their children. Considering enrolling their younger children is now a natural next step for them. They are confident that Denver Christian will continue to provide the same enriching experience.

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