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Middle school is a time to explore interests and try new things.  Whether students have played a favorite sport for years or are interested in trying one for the first time, there’s a place for them on our middle school athletic teams.   Playing sports helps middle schoolers build skills and gain confidence and gives them a healthy outlet for physical activity.  Joining a sports team also helps them build relationships outside the classroom.  Most importantly, we strive to develop student-athletes who honor God by playing fairly, treating others with respect, and facing adversity with courage. 

Middle School Sports Teams

Denver Christian Middle School participates in a league with local schools who share similar goals for middle school athletics:

    • interscholastic athletics are an essential element in educating students because they foster the development of character, life skills, sportsmanship and teamwork
    • encourage participation by all students
    • group student-athletes, whenever possible, by grade level rather than ability based teams
    • provide playing time that is commensurate over the course of the season, providing school requirements for athletic participation are met
    • focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and the acquisition of individual knowledge and skills
    • scheduling goal of 6-12 contests per team, per season

Middle school athletic teams typically practice and play 3 days per week after school.  Listed below are links to the middle school sports teams’ schedules for games and practices.  Sports information will be updated as information becomes available.  Please contact Barb Landhuis if you have any questions.

Fall 2021 Sports
Boys Golf
Girls Golf
Winter 2021/22 Sports
Boys 8th Grade Basketball
Boys 7th Grade Basketball
Boys 6th Grade Basketball
Girls 8th Grade Basketball
Girls 7th Grade Basketball
Girls 6th Grade Basketball
Spring 2022 Sports
Girls Soccer
Coed Track & Field