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When you consider the ideal high school experience for your teen, what comes to mind? 

Maybe it’s the opportunity for your teen to explore new interests and skills in a safe learning environment. College and career are on the horizon and you want them to make the most of this time and jump in, get involved — to figure out what they like to do, and what they’re really good at. 

Over the next four years, your teen will need many things as they become more self-aware, form their own identity, and learn what it means to own their faith and values. They are going to learn about consequences — both good and bad — and the impact of their decisions. And they are going to develop skills and habits that will stay with them after graduation, like how to manage their own schedule and balance responsibilities. 

At Denver Christian School, we see high school as an important season of investment preparing young adults for a life of eternal impact. We come alongside teens and their families to help them navigate these four important years and look forward in excited anticipation at what’s ahead. As you read more below about how we do this, please reach out to our admissions team if you have any questions. 

The High School Experience at Denver Christian

At Denver Christian, our unique approach to developing the whole child is captured in a comprehensive model and integrated into every aspect of your teen’s high school experience. 

Our students excel in academics for the right reasons,  pursuing excellence because it glorifies God and opens doors for future opportunities to serve Him. They play sports, explore their artistic gifts, lead others, and serve — not because these things look good on a college application — but because they know they can use their passions to change the world. 

With Christ at the center, students develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning and make plenty of memories along the way.

  • A culture of academic achievement
    We place an emphasis on creativity in the learning experience. This shapes how students learn and how they demonstrate learning. Students show understanding through projects, presentations, and activities that support a range of learning styles.
  • Competitive athletics that celebrate sportsmanship
    Offering 25 sports, DCS has fielded many championship-winning teams. Our primary focus remains on student wellness, teamwork, and Christlike sportsmanship, which is why we provide curricular and co-curricular programs such as weightlifting, health and fitness, and athletic performance.
  • Opportunities for creative expression
    Whether your teen has a hidden, budding, or radiating artistic flair, they will be encouraged to grow their talents, regardless of skill level. Some student favorites include visual and performing arts, band and choir, speech and debate.
  • Leadership through service
    Inside and outside the classroom, we place a strong emphasis on developing leadership and collaboration skills, as well as community. Through our FLEX program, service projects, Chick-fil-A leadership opportunities, and our Faith Families, teens are encouraged to learn by serving others.

Families who are looking for a Christian high school in Denver find value in our approach to learning because it is:

  • Transformational. As a Christian school, we have focused Bible classes, chapel, and service projects, but we don’t segment Bible teaching to certain periods or activities. Your teen will learn and practice Christian principles through every aspect of learning.
  • Collaborative. We believe education works best in partnership — specifically, when parents, teachers, pastors, and key influencers come together to help teens discover their interests and talents in an encouraging environment that celebrates community.
  • Personal. How students learn matters. Our classes equip students to perform well on AP and college entrance exams, but that’s not the only way they demonstrate learning. Meaningful presentations and projects allow their natural skills and interests to shine.

Denver Christian has had an incredible impact on our son and family. The school leadership’s desire to encourage each student to thrive vs just surviving is easy to see when teachers, staff, and students participate in a community to care for each other. Every day we confidently send our son to school knowing he will be encouraged to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

– Shelly Morris, DC Parent

Career Academies

A Career Academy is an optional certificate program that allows Denver Christian High School students the opportunity to explore a career while they are still in high school. Each Career Academy will offer a blend of academy-specific courses, online career exploration courses, college dual credit classes that are introductions to a major, and internships. In addition to practical career exploration, the certificate will enhance students’ resumes and college applications.

Business and Entrepreneurship Career Academy

  • Foundational Classes: Math Applications, Economics, Statistics, Product Design
  • Career Academy Courses: Business & Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting, Leadership
  • Online Courses: Specific business career courses from Freedom Learning
  • Internships: on-campus and local businesses

Health Care Career Academy

  • Foundational Classes: AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Chemistry, Intro to Athletic Training, Advanced Athletic Training
  • Career Academy Courses: Intro to Health Care Professions — We are partnering with Bethel University to teach this college course for anyone exploring health care as a career.
  • Online Courses: Specific health care career courses from Freedom Learning
  • Internships: local hospitals and health care providers

STEM: Engineering Career Academy

  • Foundational Classes: Physics, Engineering
  • Career Academy Courses: Physics/Engineering Career Seminar — We are partnering with Bethel University to teach this college course for anyone exploring STEM careers in Physics or Engineering.
  • Online Courses: Specific STEM career courses from Freedom Learning
  • Internships: local engineering firms

Coming soon: STEM Audio-Visual Lighting (AVLi)

Check back here for updates!

College Prep & Career Planning

Preparing high schoolers for their God-given callings

Choosing a school that will give your teen every opportunity for success after graduation is a big deal, and we understand that you want to get it right. You’re looking for more than an academic transaction — you want a partner to help you navigate these next four years well. 

At Denver Christian, we partner with parents to help them prepare their teen, not just to get into the right college, but to pursue their God-given calling in life.

9th Grade
As a freshman, your teen will participate in Freshman Seminar, build a four-year high school plan, and choose courses that align with their goals, abilities, and interests. Beginning with the end in mind, we make sure all students understand Colorado high school graduation requirements, the importance of a strong GPA and high school transcript, and the value in earning college credit in high school. 

Additionally, your freshman will: 

  • Explore new interests and skills 
  • Refine study skills and optimize their learning style
  • Learn more about the college search process 
  • Develop a resume 
  • Receive an introduction to financial aid and how to pay for college

10th Grade
During sophomore year, your teen will start to understand the different types of colleges, then build a college list based on college fit. They will begin connecting courses to careers and identify opportunities to build their resume. As they get more involved, they will build their support network of teachers, mentors, and motivated peers.  

Additionally, your sophomore will: 

  • Learn how to navigate a college website
  • Take career exploration assessments 
  • Learn more about college athletics and co-curriculars
  • Receive an introduction to standardized college admissions tests

11th Grade
As college approaches, we take time to ensure each student understands the college admissions process, how to attend a college fair or campus visit, and how to write a college application essay. Your teen will learn how to connect YouScience results to their future goals, as well as how to assess college fit and narrow down their college list. Utilizing Net Price Calculators, they will calculate the cost of attendance and learn how to pay for college through scholarships, FAFSA, and other financial aid opportunities. 

Additionally, your junior will: 

  • Develop a test preparation plan 
  • Understand letters of recommendation 
  • Learn how to make the most of a college campus visit 
  • Discover scholarships and financial aid opportunities

12th Grade
During your teen’s final year of high school, they will meet individually with their college and career counselor throughout their fall semester. Parents are also welcome to join! As part of these meetings, your teen will review and refine goals set in their junior year and collaboratively finalize their list of colleges. Your teen will report application progress and completion and work with their counselor to answer questions about the application process. 

Additionally, your senior will: 

  • Identify financial aid and scholarship resources they would like to pursue
  • Receive assistance with their college application essay 
  • Learn the meaning and importance of standardized test scores
  • Learn the process for collecting and sharing high school transcripts as part of their college application process

The transition to Denver Christian as a freshman wasn’t hard because I joined the Cheer team, which allowed me to get to know people before school started. Everyone at DC is very welcoming. I made friends quickly, which has made high school fun. I have grown in my faith, and I have had a lot of support.

– Brynn G., DC Student

Exciting Campus Features

Schedule a personal tour of our high school campus in Lakewood to see our: 

  • Flexible learning environments that encourage collaboration and creativity 
  • Learning Labs, including a reading, writing, and research lab, along with math and science labs
  • New, state of the art performing arts center, where your teen can shine on stage
  • Stunning indoor and outdoor facilities, including football, soccer, and baseball fields, an outdoor track, and two indoor gymnasiums 
  • Thunder Grounds, our campus coffee shop 
  • Some of the ways we keep our campus safe and secure, so your teen can focus on learning

Interested in learning more?

There are many high schools in Jefferson County, and it can be overwhelming to process so much information as you consider what’s really important for your teen. Regardless of where you are in your search, we’re excited that you’re exploring Denver Christian School. 
To help you refine your list of top high schools, we recommend scheduling a tour of our campus. It will give you the chance to ask questions about our program and get a feel for if we’re the right-fit for your family. Contact our admissions team to set up an appointment at cjohnson@DenverChristian.org or (303) 763-7919.