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In elementary school, weekly music classes allow students to explore sounds, movement, singing, and skills!  From worship, rhythm, beat, singing, instruments and dance, all aspects of music give students a well-rounded introduction to music education.  In these years, students gain a musical foundation and learn about being a musician and performer.  Preschool through 5th grade students have multiple opportunities to perform each year including the Christmas program, spring musical, and grandparents day.

All 5th graders are invited to join the band.  No previous musical experience is needed.  Students will learn how to play an instrument and read music and will perform alongside the middle school and high school bands.

Middle School

Students meet three to four times each week during the school day and learn basic instrument fundamentals that expand their ranges and allow them to play more challenging music. The band performs three concerts over the course of the year.

Students meet three to four times each week during the school day and learn more advanced skills such as instrument technique, articulation, rhythms, note-reading, intonation, balance and blend.  The band performs at three concerts throughout the year.

Students in grades 6-8 who join choir meet two to three times weekly and study a wide variety of music. Students begin learning technique and performance basics, and develop skills reading, interpreting, and performing a wide array of music. The choir performs 3-4 concerts per year at school, as well as several concerts in community.

If students are not in band or choir, they will take a weekly general music class to explore other areas of music. From music technology, music analysis, music performance, or music history, students have a chance to show their creativity and talent while having fun.

High School

Students in symphonic band meet three times per week and learn music theory and advanced concepts such as scales, modes, key signatures, intervals and triads. Repertoire includes fanfares, overtures, ballads, film music and suites. The band performs a concert at the end of each term, in addition to festivals. The Symphonic Band also has the opportunity to take a performance-oriented trip every other year.

Students enrolled in the Symphonic Band can also participate in Pep Band. Music consists of contemporary songs and drum cadences. Rehearsals occur during Symphonic Band, and the Pep Band performs at a variety of football and basketball games.

The Jazz Band is a select group of high school students that are also part of the Symphonic Band. They rehearse two days a week and perform three concerts throughout the year, in addition to other performances such as Grandparents Day, a Christmas concert, festivals and community performances.

DC Singers is a choir focused on the full experience of music education including sight-singing, discussion of the science behind singing, learning how to actively listen to music, music history and research, and the art of performance.  Members of DC Singers learn a wide variety of music from all genres and difficulty in order to better prepare for All-State Choir auditions, collegiate choral ensembles, and even a career in music if they are so inclined!  This choir provides multiple performance opportunities including school concerts, sporting events, Colorado Christian University’s Choral Festival, Grandparent’s Day, a Christmas “Cocoa and Carols” concert, and one traveling opportunity per year.

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