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Why Denver Christian School?

Parents select Denver Christian School for a variety of reasons. In addition to providing a high quality faith-based education, parents describe these distinctive elements of the DC experience: 


1. A tradition of excellence – Denver Christian, as a covenantal Christian school, has been partnering with Christian families in the Denver metro area to educate and challenge young people for a life of Christian service since 1916.

2. Biblically discerning – Our purpose at Denver Christian School is to inspire and equip our students to serve God and love others.  DC is founded on a Christian worldview that’s woven throughout every classroom, fine arts performance, service project, and sporting event.  

3. Community focused – Meaningful relationships developed within a Christian context help students mature in their faith and develop confidence to discover God’s world and their place in it.  We care for each other here at Denver Christian, and cultivate a culture of belonging for all students.

4. Health and safety – Students’ health and safety is a top priority at Denver Christian.  We’re committed to providing a safe learning environment that promotes every student’s physical, spiritual, social, and emotional well being.

5. Academic Continuity – Our preschool – 12th grade curriculum is strategically aligned for academic continuity and excellence, and students leave Denver Christian abundantly prepared to flourish in college and their communities.

6. Exceptional Faculty – Denver Christian’s faculty and staff are the heart of the school.  They pray for and with their students, they model a commitment to living a faith-filled life, and they challenge their students to pursue knowledge and truth.  

7. Academic achievement – Our rigorous curriculum equips students with knowledge and skills needed to flourish in a diverse world.  Our faculty challenge students to engage the culture around them with a faith-informed worldview, and Denver Christian graduates consistently attend competitive colleges and universities.  

8. Outstanding facilities – Our preschool-12th grade campus in Lakewood, on the west side of the Denver metro area, offers students a clean, safe and modern learning environment on a beautifully landscaped 20-acre campus.

9. Athletic Opportunity – 90% of our middle and high school students participate in our competitive athletic programs including basketball, volleyball, golf, baseball, football, bowling, cross-county, soccer, track, tennis, and softball.  

10. Fine Arts – Denver Christian students are encouraged to pursue creative expression through music and fine arts classes as well as co-curricular clubs and performance opportunities.  

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