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Applying to Denver Christian School

Thank you for your interest in applying to Denver Christian School!

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are now open! We are no longer enrolling students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Denver Christian School has been blessed with growing enrollment. We value our ‘right size’ approach with small class sizes and student to teacher ratios, as well as scheduling flexibility. There is a predetermined classroom capacity for every grade level in our school.

With a large number of prospective students each year, we anticipate the number of applicants may exceed the number of seats available in a designated grade level for the upcoming school year. Our goal is to maintain optimal class size in each grade level, and our admission/enrollment process helps to achieve this goal. Students may be placed in a wait pool during the admission/enrollment process. Denver Christian’s wait pool is an unranked group of students who we prayerfully hope will be able to join our school family when a spot becomes available. 

In order for your student to be considered for enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year, please follow the enrollment checklist below. Your application will be processed as soon as your enrollment checklist has been completed. We look forward to working with your family throughout this process! 

Enrollment Checklist:

Step 1: Campus Tour

Our admissions team is available throughout the week to provide tours for prospective families. You will not only see our beautiful campus but also be able to interact with teachers and staff, see our teachers and students in action, and have your specific questions answered by our admissions team. Click on this link to set up a personal tour.

Step 2: Apply 

Submit an online application using the link below. Additionally, we require the following documents for a completed student file: current school report cards, standardized testing, immunization records on file, a birth certificate copy, and a documented IEP or 504 report (if applicable).  Please note that the online application also includes providing emails for teacher referrals.  All documentation and teacher referrals will be requested upon submitting an application.  A $50 nonrefundable new student application fee is due with your online application. 

Step 3: Shadow Student Experience

Come experience what a day in the life of a Denver Christian student is like!  Guests are paired with Denver Christian host students, and attend their classes with them.  Shadow days will be offered September- mid May. Click on this link to set up a shadow day experience.

Step 4: Entrance Testing

We use the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) test to determine placement level at Denver Christian. If your student does not have current MAP test scores, we will require them to take the MAP test at Denver Christian prior to acceptance/enrollment. Testing typically takes an hour and a half. If testing is needed our admissions team will contact you to schedule this.

Step 5: Interview

Once we receive your application packet and fees, and you have completed the campus tour and shadow experience portion of our admissions process, our admissions team will review your student’s file and will then contact you to schedule an interview. We view education at Denver Christian as a partnership with families.  We value the interview as an opportunity to get to know your family and learn more about your student.

Step 6: Enroll 

If all admissions requirements are satisfied, and there is space within the grade that you are applying for, the DC Admissions Office will notify the parent that the student has been accepted to Denver Christian! Our Admissions Office will send you the enrollment packet for completion.  Enrollment and continuous enrollment fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and do not apply to tuition. 

 If there is not space within the grade that you are applying for, your student will be placed on an unranked waitlist and you will be notified if/when a spot becomes available.