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Our family moved to Colorado from Florida two years ago for my husband’s career.  We had never even visited Colorado before.  One of our first priorities was making sure our four children receive a good Christian education.  We initially chose DC for its location and outstanding facilities, but we have been blown away by how much our children thrive there.  From the daily faith influences from teachers and staff to the outstanding Biblical knowledge in the classroom, Denver Christian has exceeded our expectations.  Our kids look forward to going to school every day.  They know they are in a safe environment where they can work hard and not be afraid to fail because encouragement is everywhere.  The school not only cares for their academic growth but spiritual growth as well.  The teachers truly get to know each child and help them strive to be better individuals.  If I am concerned about anything, I can easily get in touch with any of them.  I would encourage anyone considering a private school education to check out Denver Christian.  It is a special family and we are blessed to be a part of it.

The Sensing Family

Luke DeBoer

I enjoy going to Denver Christian because I have friends that encourage me and support me. I can learn cool things and participate in activities. I enjoy having some freedom and embracing responsibility and working hard and being kind. I enjoy Denver Christian because it is a school that teaches me more about God. These are all the reasons why I enjoy Denver Christian school.
– Luke DeBoer, Middle School Student

I enjoy going to DC because it feels like a home. The teachers and students want to get to know you personally, not just your grades, or help with homework. They want to know what’s your favorite food, what you do for fun. The love and compassion shown throughout the school is HUGE. People want to get to know you, including the teacher. I love it here.   – Madeline Kane, Middle School Student

There are three distinct aspects of Denver Christian that impressed our family. First, Christ is the foundation of all things student and staff focused. Their goal doesn’t start and stop with education, it extends to their diligent hope to instill a biblical worldview in the hearts of students. Second, our kids struggle with dysgraphia and dyslexia and we were looking for a school that would respect their accommodations and teachers that wouldn’t overlook their needs. As we learned about the Extend program and the parameters Denver Christian has in place to make sure students with struggles like ours get the attention needed, we were quickly convinced that this was the right place for us. Lastly, the Denver Christian staff and families have been incredibly welcoming, hospitable, and encouraging. 
– Jason and Jane Fish, Parents

DCS alumni Brad Jansen

At Denver Christian, I learned that God has an incredible path ahead of you.  It is often easy to go about your life and stay comfortable, which is not all bad, but trusting where He wants you is something I will take from lessons I have learned there. A wise coach of mine talked about “blooming where you are planted”. Find your flower bed and bloom. God will take you on amazing adventures and bless you!  Trust, follow and bloom! 
– Brad Jansen, Alumni, Denver Christian class of 2002, Calvin University class of 2006 

DC has surpassed my expectations and I plan to keep my daughter enrolled at DC until she graduates. I am very impressed with the students and staff at DC in general and really impressed with how you all are handling the current challenges with 2020 and communicating so well. 
– Jonathan Emmons, Elementary Parent

We could not be happier with our decision to join the DCS family. In many ways, our expectations have been exceeded. Both my kids are thriving, have made many friends, and seem to have fully embraced middle school life. We’ve also, as a family, found ways to reconnect with our faith, and really appreciate that they get to be involved in daily Bible study! 
– Elizabeth Fee, Middle School Parent

Ronan family

We love the community, culture, and attention to the whole student.  Academics are important and are done very well at DC, but that can be taught anywhere.  At DC there is also a focus on growing children’s hearts and minds to be Christlike.  This happens throughout their day at school, and assists in developing strong character and integrity now and in the future.  The administration and leadership teams are truly there to partner with the parents during the child’s school journey.  We love how there is open communication and genuine interest in families’ feedback to help continue to grow, adjust, and evolve. 
– Nick and Marie Ronan, Elementary Parents

We chose Denver Christian for many reasons. Firstly, for its high academic standards and focused curriculum. Secondly, for its adherence to foundational Christian principles. Third, for its outstanding teaching staff.  Finally, for the opportunity for our kids to connect with kids from other Christian families. 
– Jackie Swartz, High School Parent

We couldn’t be happier with how our daughter has transitioned into Denver Christian. Everyday I pick her up and she is happy and full of stories about her day — who she met, what she learned and what she had for lunch. She has several Bible verses on post-it notes in her room on her mirror and she found a verse that she thought would help her sister and put it on her door.   Denver Christian has been a breath of fresh air and blessings for my daughter and in turn our family.
– Sally Cushard, Middle School Parent

We found Denver Christian School three years ago when we moved here from out of state.  We were looking for a Christian school with genuine faith and small class sizes.  We have come to love the sense of community, the caring teachers and staff, and the sense of joy in the middle school hallways.  We have also appreciated the Extend staff’s advocacy and wisdom every year, and they make Denver Christian School the unique and special place that it is for our family.   
– Brian & Tonya Gabbard, Middle School Parents

DCS student Anna

I love how every class somehow connects with God, and how the teachers are always there for you. I love how there are so many opportunities to make friends and have fun. And I love how the teachers are always encouraging you when you’re struggling.
– Anna, Student, High School Student

Everybody is extremely nice, there is amazing staff, you can make friends so easily, there is so much hope, and happiness, and overall just everything about Denver Christian is just amazing!
– Danika Pearce, Middle School Student

What we have found most distinctive about Denver Christian is the pervasive atmosphere of love and joy. It is a happy place, with happy people! Denver Christian also has an incredible facility and they offer at least one special every day at the elementary level. Plus, they teach cursive! The thing we most appreciate is our happy and thriving son. He loves his teachers and has made many friends. The inclusion program allows him to be himself while accommodating his intellect, sensory issues, and helping him grow spiritually. Denver Christian is worth every penny! At other schools, he was treated like an annoyance and it harmed his self-esteem and self-worth. At Denver Christian, he is a valued loved member of the student body and it has allowed him to thrive. We are so blessed to be a part of the amazing DC Community!
– Elementary Parents

Fiore family photo

Our daughter absolutely loves school at DC! We’ve very much appreciated the level of communication, the true effort in finding community during these crazy times, and the quality level of education.  We also are thankful for the “can do” attitude that the school has. 
– Lisa Fiore, Elementary Parent

I love my teachers and classmates, the fun projects, working in groups, the encouragement, the laughing, the masks, how you guys want to be in person the whole year, respect for Covid, holiday breaks, kindness, the grades all the way up to 12 grade, the teaching, the pond, a nice playground, a green field of grass, the new students, computers, library, not much homework!.
– Kamryn Peters, Middle School Student

Our daughter is thriving at DC! She has made friends, loves her teachers and classes, and her grades are as good or better than ever! She is growing deeper and more grounded in her faith in God daily by the examples she sees from teachers and staff at DC. We are proud of her and excited for her to find her place in such a wonderful school community. I just want to make sure that I say an enormous thank you from my family to all the staff at Denver Christian for your excellent work keeping our kids safe while learning during this pandemic. You are an example of how things can be done: how teachers can keep teaching, kids can keep learning, and we all can keep thriving even in the hardest times. Thank you for your faithfulness to continue the work God has called you to. Thank you for teaching my child to turn her thoughts and fears and praises to her Lord and Savior.
– Molly Price, Middle School Parent

I enjoy going to Denver Christian because of the learning environment, the community, the incredible teachers, my classmates and really everyone in my grade, and all of the fun things that we get to do.  It is a community and everyone is connected here.
– Julie Tucker, Middle School Student