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Are you looking for a safe, engaging, nurturing place for your child to spend sunny days? Look no further!

Denver Christian School offers a wide variety of activities that engage an array of interests for students entering K-12!  All DCS camps are run by our own faculty and staff, and offer small classes and a safe environment. Our 20-acre campus is equipped with state-of-the-art athletic facilities, multiple playgrounds, a pond, STEM labs, and spacious fine arts rooms … let the summer adventures begin!

Dates: 2021 dates to be announced

Location: 3898 South Teller Street Lakewood, CO 80235

Guidelines and Information for All Activities

  • Full payment is due upon registration. No refunds will be given within two weeks of the program start date. A $30 cancellation fee will be withheld from all refunds. All activities are weather/conditions permitting.
  • Scholarships may be available. Contact Jason Romero at
  • Program sizes are limited. Register early to secure a spot. Denver Christian School reserves the right to cancel/change activities if minimum enrollment is not met.
  • All students should come equipped with their own water, sunscreen, appropriate clothing, necessary equipment.
  • Allergies, medical conditions, and disabilities should be noted upon registration to ensure camp is properly staffed and your child receives the best quality experience.

COVID-19 Adaptations to 2020 Summer Activities-Summer Class Program

Denver Christian School recognizes the many benefits of summer learning activities. However, we also take seriously the health risk that is still in our community related to the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, the school leadership team closely monitors the guidelines from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and the Governor’s office, in addition to being in regular consultation with Jefferson County Public Health to ensure that all our summer plans follow their recommendations.

Our summer activities/ summer classes will look differently this year (especially in limited enrollment, social distancing, and equipment required); these changes, of course, are a direct result of our conversations with Jeffco Public Health and in compliance with state health guidelines. 

We will be offering two different types of classes this year for High School Summer Classes.

  • Online Class — all instruction will be done using the Google Classroom and Zoom platforms.
  • Hybrid Class — instruction will be a combination of in-person and on-line.

For the Hybrid Classes, the following steps will be followed during the in-person instructional time.

Following are steps that will be followed by every class:

  • Limited in-person instruction, so that no more than 10 people are in a location at any time.
  • Students will all have their own set of supplies/equipment and will not be sharing with other students.
  • Students will remain at least 6 feet apart at all times during the class.
  • Every student must have his/her own mask. Students are required to wear a mask upon entering and exiting the campus. The mask must remain with the student at all times (in a pocket or bag) so that, if needed, it can be quickly retrieved and used to cover the mouth and nose.

Additionally, we will accommodate students who do not feel comfortable with in-person instruction (if at all possible) through Zoom.

We will also be closely monitoring the state and local requirements and will be adjusting as needed. For example, the governor is expected to issue a statement about summer classes/activities on May 25.

Summer Themed Weekly Programs

Choose from themed weekly full & half day programs, high school classes for credit, and summer camp classes.

For students entering K-8th grade, our full-day programs run from 8:30-5 p.m. daily.  $340/week.

For students entering K-8th grade, our half-day programs run from 8:30-12:30 p.m. or 12:30-5 p.m. daily.  $200/week.

  • June 15-19 Under the Sea – Life’s always better… under the sea! Take an adventure, get plenty of outside time, make sea slime and more!
  • June 22-26 Pirate Week – ARRR… take a trip down to Jungle (Hike)  make sand art, and go on treasure hunts.
  • June 29-July 2 Super Hero Week – We all dream of having superpowers… This week that dream comes true! We’ll activate our superpowers,  and dress up as our favorite heroes.

DCHS Summer Classes (for HS credit)

High school students may take summer courses for credit.  Students are expected to attend every course in order to earn credit.  Questions about individual course requirements can be directed to the course instructors.

This class will be offered as a Hybrid Class.  The instructor will inform students of the in-person times and procedures.

  • Dates: June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, and July 6 (+ one independent day/assignment)
  • Times: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Instructor: Leanne Bartz (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Fine Art elective (no prerequisites)

Course Description: Students will learn what the difference between a photograph and snapshot is and how to capture the best photograph.  Students will learn and practice setting up the best compositions for a shot, controlling all exposure aspects of their shots and basic editing and touch ups. Students will need to have access to a DSLR (two are available from school for a rental fee of $25 … contact Mrs. Bartz — first come, first serve to rent a camera).

This class is offered as a Hybrid Class.  The instructor will inform students of the in-person times and procedures.

  • Dates: June 1 – 12
  • Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Instructor: Ms. Erickson (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Required English Course (no prerequisites)

Course Description: Development of writing and speaking skills. Students explore and practice varied methods of communication, including journaling, analytical essays, and discussion circles, as well as formal speeches and presentations.

This class is offered as a Hybrid Class.  The instructor will inform students of the in-person times and procedures.

  • Dates: June 15 – 26
  • Times: 9:00am – 1:00 pm
  • Instructor: Mr. Boyd (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Required Technology Class (no prerequisites)

Course Description: Examination of the efficient and appropriate use of technology. Students are prepared for success in high school and beyond by learning about online safety, performing valid Internet research, as well as writing papers, giving memorable presentations, and creating meaningful charts and graphs using the Microsoft Office suite and cloud-based solutions like Google Apps. Students explore more creative uses of technology by writing blogs, creating 3D renderings, programming games and building Google websites.

This class is offered as an Online Class.

  • Dates: June 15 – 26
  • Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Instructor: Mrs. Zietse (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Required English Course (Prerequisite: junior/senior status)

Course Description: Reflection equips students to reflect on their life experiences while experimenting with varied approaches to essay and personal narrative writing.  Students in this course will analyze mentor texts, identify various writing “moves”, and practice revision techniques as they create a portfolio of polished pieces.

This class is offered as an Online Class.

  • Dates: June 1 – 12
  • Time: 1:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Instructor: Mr. McClain (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Bible Elective (prerequisite: Bible Foundations)

Course Description: This course studies Paul’s epistles (letters) to the early churches. Using the struggle and success of the New Testament churches as a backdrop, students examine the Epistle writings to discover how the truth of Scripture applies to everyday life. Students discover in the letters of Paul the Biblical advice about how to become restorative agents in their churches and communities.

This class will be offered as a Hybrid Class.  The instructor will inform students of the in-person times and procedures.

  • Instructor: Mr. Sam Jones (
  • Cost: $200 + Strength & Conditioning fee
  • Credit: Required Physical Education Course (no prerequisites)
  • Students must be concurrently enrolled in Summer Strength and Conditioning.

Dates: June 8 – 12 (session 1)

Times: 9:00 – 11:30am Monday – Thursday; 9:00am – 1:00pm Friday

Dates: July 6 – 9 (session 2)

Times: 9:00 – 11:30am Monday – Thursday; 9:00am – 1:00pm Friday

Course Description: This required PE course explores what it means to Glorify God through the care of our bodies and in our approach to athletics as a whole. In addition, the students learn the basic principles of both cardiovascular and muscular training while taking part in an actual training program.

This class will be offered as a Hybrid Class.  The instructor will inform students of the in-person times and procedures.

  • Dates: July 6-17
  • Times: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Instructor: Dr. Curry (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Science Elective (no prerequisites)

Course Description: This course is brand new to the science department. It will be one of three classes that will replace the Integrated Science classes (typically offered to freshmen). This course provides students with an overview of good nutrition principles as well as physical and mental wellness topics that allow students to develop the skills necessary to live healthy, active lives, and to empower students to use the skills they have gained to make informed decisions that will enhance the quality of their personal, family, and community life.  This would be a great class for students interested in Health Science careers.

This program is an overnight travel activity and is dependent upon current restrictions being lifted by the time of the program.

  • Entering 9th-12th Grade
  • Maximum Enrollment: 18 Participants
  • Dates: July 26 – August 1
  • Times: Overnight travel course
  • Cost: $400 … cost includes the registration fee for Summer Strength and Conditioning (Session 2).
  • Instructor: Mr. Butte (
  • Credit: Physical Education Elective (no prerequisites)

Course Description: The program takes the athletic elements of the summer Strength and Conditioning program on a traveling adventure. Each day of activities involves travel to National Parks or similar awe-inspiring places with Bible study, camping, and workouts at local high school or college facilities along the route. Student-athletes of all skill levels are welcome to attend as workouts are appropriate to skill and fitness levels of the participants. This program’s purpose is to teach, expose, and challenge student-athletes to embrace and execute an “in Christ, For Christ, About Christ” approach to athletics and to live out a sports culture/worldview which is “true” … free from flaws and errors, Christ-centered, and excellent.

This class will be offered as a Hybrid Class.  The instructor will inform students of the in-person times and procedures.

  • Dates: July 20 – 31
  • Times: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Instructor: Dr. Curry (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Science Elective (no prerequisites)

Course Description: This course is brand new to the science department. It will be one of three classes that will replace the Integrated Science classes (typically offered to freshmen). This is a course rich in exploration and lab investigation which applies many disciplines of scientific study to solving crimes. The students will gain experience in the major investigative techniques currently used by forensic scientists and crime scene investigators and develop an understanding of the scientific concepts which serve as the basis for these techniques. This would be a great class for those interested in law enforcement, public safety, and CSI careers.

This class is offered as a Hybrid Class.  See below for online or in-person instruction schedule.

  • Dates: July 20-31 (in-person M/W/F, independent/online T/Th)
  • Times: 9:00-1:00 PM
  • Instructor: Leanne Bartz (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Required Fine Art Course (no prerequisites)

Course Description: Art Fundamentals investigates the basic design elements in two-dimensional works. Students experience challenging, hands–on opportunities to complete assignments using a variety of art materials. Students identify their personal gifts and talents, and develop confidence in their abilities to explore future opportunities in the visual arts.

This class will be offered as an Hybrid Class.  The instructor will inform students of the in-person times and procedures.

  • Dates: July 6-17
  • Times: 9:00am – 1:00 pm
  • Instructor: Mrs. Lawrence-Krekel (
  • Cost: $400
  • Credit: Fine Arts Elective (no prerequisites)

This course will provide a historical survey of music, looking at the different styles of both vocal and instrumental music through the ages. The goal of this course reflects the title of the course … students will learn to appreciate music. Students will also have the opportunity to attend concerts and performances around Denver (potential evening hours and additional fees tbd).

DCS Summer Activities

Denver Christian offers a variety of summer camps in art, musical theater, and athletics for students in all grades.  See camp descriptions for dates, grade levels, details, and costs.

  • Elementary: Entering 2nd Grade- 5th Grade in 2020-21 School Year
  • Middle School: Entering 6th Grade- 8th Grade in 2020-21 School Year
  • Location: Denver Christian Gym
  • Cost: See information below
  • Instructors: Coach Billy Berglund & Coach Chris Fuller

On behalf of the DC Boys and Girls Basketball Programs, coaches Billy Berglund and Chris Fuller want to invite you to join us this summer! We are excited to get back in the gym and work on our skills. We believe that a successful program begins at the elementary level and continues all the way through the middle and high school level. Our hope is that every player is given an opportunity to grow in their basketball skills over the summer months of June and July. We also find ourselves in a very unique time this year with the coronavirus situation. Our number one goal is safety for each player and family. As a result, we are working closely with local county and state officials in order to provide a safe and fun opportunity to have small groups of players come in and have a chance to work with our High School head coaches. Before we get into the specifics of dates and signing up for activities, we wanted to outline the health precautions we will be following this summer in order to maintain safety:

  • Each player must bring their own basketball and water bottle to Denver Christian in a gym bag, and they cannot share this ball or bottle with anyone else. There will be no sharing of basketballs. They must stay in the bag as the player enters and exits the front doors and gym. Upon entry, the players will be assigned to a hoop, where they can change into their shoes and take out their basketball from their bag.

  • If a player is feeling sick, has a persistent cough, or is running a fever, we ask that they stay home. There will be more opportunities later in the summer for them to participate once they are healthy.

  • We will be adhering to strict social distancing of 6 feet at all times. This means we will not be scrimmaging, running plays, or having any personal contact between players or coaches.

  • We are allowed to have groups of up to 10. This allows a maximum of 9 players in a gym, along with 1 coach to teach from the middle. We will be able to use both gyms at Denver Christian in order to provide another separate space for players to work with a coach.

  • Unless otherwise noted, each session will last for about 1 Hour and 10 minutes. This includes checking in, entering the building one at a time, getting your basketball shoes on, participating in a group stretching routine (6 feet apart), and then working on individual basketball drills in your own space. We will also incorporate some speed, conditioning, strength, and agility work as well.

  • If multiple sessions are scheduled for one day, we will allow ten minutes to pass before the next group can come in. For example, if group 1 starts at 9am and goes until 10:10am, then group 2 will be allowed to start lining up outside (6 feet apart) starting at 10:20 am.

  • While it is unfortunate that we cannot scrimmage together, we see this as an incredible opportunity to get to work on your individual skills. Oftentimes in a season, we do not have as much time as we would like to really work on the fundamentals of basketball, including footwork, shot form, ball handling, and more. This summer we are looking to make the most of this unique situation and build up our skills. Not only will this make you a better overall basketball player, but it will really help build our program at all levels.

Dates and Details:

For all students entering 2nd through 8th grade in the 2020-21 school year, we will provide a fun opportunity for you to engage in age-appropriate skill development, drills, and competition, all while adhering to the social distancing guidelines outlined above. We also want to make these opportunities affordable and efficient for our families in this time.

This summer we are offering multiple opportunities for you to participate in.

(entering 2nd Grade- 5th Grade in 2020-21 School Year)

Elementary Skills and Drills:

  • Dates: Monday through Thursday, June 8-11
  • 10:00am-12:00pm (Max of 18 Players total):
  • (We will lower the hoops for the 2nd and 3rd graders to allow them to develop good form at an age-appropriate level.)
  • We recommend you bring a smaller 28.5 size ball (women’s regulation) to shoot with for this camp.
  • Cost: $100 for the week

Elementary Day Program:

  • Date: Saturday, July 11th
  • 10 am-12 pm (Max of 18 Players total)
  • (We will lower the hoops for the 2nd and 3rd graders to allow them to develop good form at an age-appropriate level.)
  • Cost: $25 for the day


Middle School Age Basketball Opportunities

(entering 6th Grade- 8th Grade in 2020-21 School Year)

Middle School Skills and Drills:

  • Dates: Monday through Thursday, June 8-11
  • 1:00pm-3:00pm (Max of 18 Players total):
  • You can bring either a 28.5 size ball (women’s regulation) or 29.5 size ball (men’s regulation) to shoot with for this activiy.
  • Cost: $100 for the week

Middle School Day Program:

  • Date: Saturday, July 11th
  • 12:30pm- 2:30 pm (Max of 18 Players total)
  • Cost: $25 for the day

Middle School Mornings:

  • Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23
  • 9:15am -10:30 am (Max of 18 Players total)
  • Cost: $75 for the 6 days

On Campus Activity – In order to make each activity time as safe as possible, each session will be capped at 9 creative minds*, will be held outside in a covered area, follow social distancing protocol and students will use only their assigned, sanitized supplies.

  • June 15-19, 2020
  • Entering 1-6th Grade
  • See Times Below
  • $125
  • Instructor: Mrs. Bartz

Come join Art with bARTz for some summertime creating! Mrs. Bartz is offering three different daily sessions during the week of June 15-19. Each session will focus on a different material to learn more about and bring out the creativity in everyone. Mrs. Bartz has been teaching Middle and High School art for 9 years and loves to unleash everyone’s creative inner beast! Cost for each attendee is $125 per session.

  • Session 1 (9:00-11:00 AM): Drawing and painting People, Places and Things – Dive a little deeper into the tips and tricks for drawing people, places and things during this session. This session is for those entering 2nd-6th**.
  • Session 2 (12:00- 2:00 PM): Chalking it up! Come create with chalk and pastel throughout the week to learn how to brighten your sidewalks and canvases to bring joy all around. This session is for those entering grades 2nd – 6th**.
  • Session 3 (3:00-5:00 PM): Clay Creations – come learn all about clay and create some fun and funky clay pieces using different hand building techniques. This session is for those entering grades 5th-8th**.

*Each session will need a minimum of 4 attendees in order to run. You will be notified 5 days in advance if the session will not run.

**Due to the limitation in numbers, we are unable to accommodate those that would need additional support/aid during the sessions. If your child benefits from a support person at school and you’d like them to attend, please contact Jason Romero for more details and sign up for 2 spots in order to provide a support person.

On Campus Activity – In order to make this theater week as safe as possible, each session will be capped at 9 students.   All participants will follow social distancing protocol and students will use only their assigned, sanitized supplies.

  • July 20 – 23, 9-11am
  • Entering Pre-K-8th Grade
  • $100 per student  (minimum of 9 students to run camp)
  • Instructor: Mrs. Last

Does your child love performing on the stage? Do they like singing, acting and dancing? In this activity, students will learn: theatre history, acting games, singing in an ensemble and as a soloist, dance and stage movement, characterization, stage direction and memorization techniques. A final brief performance will take place on the last day!

On Campus Activity – In order to make each activity time as safe as possible, each session will be capped at 8 athletes.

  • June 5th – 9AM-12PM (we can add a second session if there is enough interest)
  • Entering Kindergarten-8th Grade
  • Location: Denver Christian Baseball Field
  • 8 camp participants and 2 coaches
  • 9am – 12pm
  • $100 per athlete
  • Instructor: Coach Sam Jones

The Denver Christian baseball program is excited to host a summer baseball activity for elementary and middle school athletes in coordination with the guidelines set by Jefferson County. Due to the unique circumstances, we will be operating in groups of 10 or less for the activity with proper social distancing of six feet apart for all athletes and coaches. The activity will primarily focus on hitting and bunting with shorter sessions on base running and throwing. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals that are taught in the DC baseball program while adhering to the safety rules and regulations set forth by Jefferson County. The following are the guidelines that will be implemented to ensure the safety of all our athletes and coaches:

  • Participants may ONLY use and touch their own equipment.
  • Participants will enter the field one at a time.
  • Participants will not go in the dugout.
  • There will be cones set up down the left field and right field line spread apart by six feet. These cones will act as a station for each athlete to drop off their equipment.
  • No participant will come into direct contact with a baseball using their bare hands. Surgical gloves will be provided to wear for the throwing portion of the camp and will be immediately disposed of following the throwing session. A player may use their batting gloves instead of surgical gloves.
  • Each player and their partner will be at a minimum six feet apart from their partner and other players.
  • We will bring three hitters in at a time to the home plate area to receive hitting instruction. One hitter will be at home plate, one at the on deck circle at the visitor’s dugout, and one at the on deck circle at the home team’s dugout.
  • The other camp participants will be in the field catching the ball if it is hit to them. THEY WILL NOT PICK UP THE BASEBALL WITH THEIR BARE HAND. 
  • One coach will be throwing batting practice while the other coach takes the bucket around the field and collects the baseballs that have been hit while wearing surgical gloves.
  • For baserunning, we will have two groups that will always be 180 feet apart from each other. One group will start at home plate, while being six feet apart from each other and the other will start at second base. The groups will rotate around the diamond always keeping this distance.
  • As the day ends, each player will go back to their cone, where their equipment is located, and will be dismissed one at a time.

On Campus Activity – In order to make each activity time as safe as possible, each session will be capped at 8 athletes.

  • August 3 – 6
  • 9am – 12pm
  • Entering 3rd-8th Grade
  • $130 per student
  • Instructor: Coach Russ Haman

Enjoy a week of volleyball improving your skills and strategies. Explore ways to maintain physical fitness in the off season, work on goal setting, team cohesion, and trust. Enhance your offensive and defensive skills while having fun.

On Campus Activity

  • Entering 7th – 12th Grade
  • Instructor: Sam Jones
  • Session 1:  M, W, F  June 1-26  (12 workouts)
  • Session 2:  M, W, F  July 6-31  (12 workouts)
  • Times:  7:00-8:30am or 5:00-6:30 pm (coaches will schedule athletes into groups)
  • Cost: $150 Full Summer, $75 Half Summer

The Denver Christian Athletic Department is again hosting the summer strength and conditioning program. This is available for all High School and Middle School athletes who are enrolled at Denver Christian School for the Fall of 2020. We will once again be partnering with Volt Athletics to offer individualized, sport specific training at the appropriate level for each athlete. Each program will be tailored and designed for an athlete’s sport of choice, utilizing cutting edge technology and scientific research. DC coaches will be leading and facilitating all of the workouts.


  • We will offer 2 time blocks every Mon, Wed and Fri. There will be one time block in the AM and one in the PM
  • We will divide the athletes into 3 groups of no more than 9 in each one.
  • Athletes will rotate through three, 25 minute stations: Strength / Agility / Conditioning. The total length for each time block will be 90 minutes.
  • Stations will be in the following locations: Football Field / Baseball Field / Gym or Track or Around the School
  • At all times, students must maintain 6 feet of distancing
  • At no point can athletes come in contact with one another or share equipment
  • 3 Coaches will required for each time block, with one coach leading each station


  • Athletes will need to use the designated sign-up genius to reserve a spot in a time block. There can be up to 27 reservations for each time block (Sign Up Genius will be available the week before).
  • Athletes must bring their own bands and/or additional equipment as necessary.
  • Athletes must wear masks when first arriving at school and after workouts are complete. They will not be required to wear masks during the workouts.
  • Athletes will need to leave immediately after the completion of the time block OR directly to their summer class or sport session. No hanging around will be allowed.


  • We are going to make it a challenge to see what sport can get the most athletes to attend the summer programming. Each sport gets one point for an athlete who attends a time block. Cross-over athletes count for one point to each team they are involved with.
  • The winning team at the end of the summer will get a party TBD.

On Campus Activity

  • July 20 – 23
  • Entering 1st-8th Grade
  • 9am – 12pm
  • $130
  • Instructor: Coach Brad Homan

Denver Christian Coed Soccer is designed for players of all levels who want to learn and improve their fundamental soccer skills in a fun and encouraging environment. Players are given the unique opportunity to receive individual instruction from Denver Christian’s Soccer coaching staff and players. Each day is filled with a variety of activities to promote correct soccer techniques including: small-sided games to encourage personal involvement and enhance the understanding of team concepts; technical and ball mastery skills sessions and shooting drills.

On Campus/Golf Course Activity – In order to make each activity time as safe as possible, each session will be capped at 4 athletes per session.

  • June 16 – 19
  • Entering 6th-9th Grade
  • $75
  • Instructor: Mrs. Jessica Barrientos
  • Hoping to get in some golf practice this summer? Join Mrs. Barrientos for her 4th year of golf camp! Students can be dropped off at school and will travel together on a mini bus to local area golf courses. Students will need their own clubs. Range and green fees are covered in the camp cost!

June 16th and 17th  (4 students)

9 holes at Broken Tee June 16th at 1pm
9 holes at Foothills June 17th at 1pm

June 18th and 19th (4 students)

9 holes at Broken Tee June 18th at 1pm
9 holes at Foothills June 19th at 1pm

On Campus Activity, outside on the football field.

  • August 3 – 6
  • Entering 3rd-8th Grade
  • Monday through Wedsday times, 9:30am – 12:00pm
  • Thursday Under the Lights, 7pm – 9pm
  • $130
  • Instructors: Coaches Visser & Haidle

The Denver Christian football is the perfect opportunity for young athletes who want an introduction of what it is to be a DC Thunder Football player. Students will be coached by the DC football coaches and will take part in drills and games that will help take their game to the next level. This is an opportunity to develop not only the techniques and understanding for the game of football, but for campers to also be in an environment where they can learn what it means to play “For the Glory of God.”