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Discover what families love about our world-class, accessible, private Christian school in Lakewood, CO

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. Whether it’s making sure they take their vitamins, putting them to bed on time, or giving them sound advice about life, at every age and stage — you’re putting every ounce of intention to set them up for success.

And this is why when it comes to choosing a school for your child, you’re weighing your options carefully. At Denver Christian School, we understand that. As one of the best private schools in the Denver metro and surrounding communities, we strive to provide world-class, accessible, whole-child education that parents like you can trust.

Family Background

What does a DC family look like?
group of parents
Jason and Jennifer L., DC Parents

Jason and Jennifer are DC parents, and currently, they have four children enrolled in the school and a fifth one who will be joining in the upcoming school year.

Community and Location

Jason and Jennifer live 10-15 minutes away from school, typically traveling on U.S. 285 South – Denver to Lakewood. They find traveling to DC convenient.

Family Dynamics

For families in communities such as Solterra, Bear Creek Village, Governor’s Ranch, and Grant Ranch, it would only take about a maximum of 25 minutes for drop-offs and pick-ups, even in peak travel times.

What matters to families when searching for a school
Whole-Child Education

When Jennifer and Jason were considering schools, one of the most important things they were looking for was a community that nurtures every child in all aspects of development. They want a place that fosters academic, spiritual, personal, physical, creative, and social-emotional growth — and have happily found this at Denver Christian School.

group of parents

DC teaches the whole child. They guide students by accelerating their strengths, and the school partners with you to boost your child in certain needs… with love, care, and attention.

– Jason L.
group of parents
Teachers Who Care

Another priority for many DC families is teachers who are intentional about mentoring students. More than imparting academic lessons, they’re looking for teachers who care about what’s going on — inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers at DC know how to make students feel loved and appreciated. They focus on making the kids see themselves in the eyes of God. Students know and recognize this level of care on an individual basis.

– Jennifer L.
Meeting Individual Needs

A crucial piece of Jason and Jennifer’s school search was finding a place that meets the personal needs of their children. The couple felt that other schools would group their children into “categories,” which seemed like their educational trajectory was fixed and unchanging. However, DC was different.

group of parents

We were looking for a program that allows flexibility, and this is a critical factor we found at Denver Christian School. The teachers provide individualized attention — they identify areas of strengths and opportunities for growth.

– Jason L.

See how Denver Christian School can meet your family’s needs.

As you consider private Christian schools in Denver, CO, and surrounding communities, we invite you to schedule a visit to DC! Envision how your child can flourish in our supportive environment.

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What Families Love About DC

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We’d love to hear more about you! Get your questions answered, and see if Denver Christian School is the right fit for your family.

We encourage you to schedule a call with the friendly DC team. They’re very helpful and will guide you through any questions you have about tours or admissions.

– Jason and Jennifer

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