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God created us to be creative, and our selection of music, materials, and resources used in classrooms and performance reflects our commitment to help students pursue excellence using all of their God-given talent.   The success of our arts program goes beyond a final performance or piece of artwork.  Whether it be at an art show, choir or band concert, chapel, or a school play, students perform for an audience of One, using their talents and gifts to honor the Lord. The Denver Christian Arts Department is committed to providing all students with a place to explore their creativity, excel in their artistic endeavors and grow in their faith. We offer a wide variety of options within our programs where students use their God-given talents and develop a lifelong love of the arts.

Our desire is to develop student artists who humble themselves in their craft while lifting up others in their efforts. Visual, musical, performing, and worship arts provide opportunities for students to gain confidence in their ability to express themselves.  On stage, in the studio, and in the classroom, fine arts opportunities help students develop resilience and discernment. 

Hear about our programs from our Performing Arts director, Jen Last: