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Kindergartners at Denver Christian School experience the joy and wonder of learning with creative activities that build strong foundational skills. Children are able to try new things and grow in confidence within a safe and nurturing classroom environment. Teachers and staff are dedicated to a culture that recognizes each student is a loved and precious child of God. 

Families can select from two kindergarten programs:

  • Progressive Kindergarten: Students begin the year with a 3-day (T,Th,F), full-day program before Christmas, then continue with 4 days (T-F) per week starting in January. 
  • Enrichment Kindergarten:  Students attend a 5-day, full-day program for the entire school year.
  • Note:  All benchmarks and standards for kindergarten are met in our Progressive Kindergarten program.  The additional Enrichment days are above and beyond our progressive kindergarten program and includes more opportunities for STEM, Teacher of the day, play-based learning and enrichment in reading and writing.

The kindergarten program at Denver Christian School has a long history of educating young scholars. Highlights of kindergarten include:

Reading Buddies

Our Reading Buddies are formed by pairing kindergartners with students from the third grade. Friendships blossom as third graders practice leadership skills while nurturing and working on activities throughout the year with their younger buddies. Kindergartners develop a sense of belonging in the larger school community.

A Rich Language Arts Program

Children develop early reading skills that are grounded in a strong phonics base, learn word attack capabilities and gain a love of reading through a wide variety of books and stories. Each day also includes activities that help kindergarten children develop writing and comprehension skills. In 2017 we adopted Orton Gillingham, a “tried and true” multi-sensory curriculum for teaching phonetic skills. Our kindergartners are taught reading skills through exposure to rich, quality literature found in our Fountas and Pinnell Classroom reading curriculum.

Math Facts + Concepts = Problem Solving

Kindergartners gain a strong foundation of math facts and an age-appropriate understanding of math concepts. This foundation allows children to become adept at problem-solving. While our math curriculum and daily lessons come from Savvas’ Envision 2.0, our teachers supplement math lessons with hands-on, engaging manipulatives to make math concrete yet fun!

Growth in God’s Word

Bible stories and biblical instruction are an integral part of the daily curriculum. Starting in preschool and continuing through high school, all students are equipped with the knowledge they need to understand and believe God’s word. Teachers model for children how faith plays a role in daily interactions and relationships.  If you ask our kindergartners what their favorite part of the day is, you’ll often hear them answer the Bible (or recess…)!   Kindergartners also participate in weekly chapel services.

Science for Inquisitive Minds

Young learners engage in our active learning science curriculum. Through hands-on activities, kindergarten students will explore elements of God’s creation including Trees and Weather, Materials and Motions, and Animals Two by Two.

Special Classes

Each week, kindergartners have specific class times with teachers who specialize in various enrichment subjects, including art, music, STEM, library and physical education. These classes incorporate concepts that focus on whole-child growth, while enhancing academic growth, and allow kindergartners to explore their own unique God-given gifts and talents.

After School Programming

For parents who need a caring environment for children beyond regular school hours, we offer an excellent program. 3:15- 5:30 pm

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