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  • Philosophy of Christian education, as well as spiritual development opportunities available on campus

  • Not only college prep but “life prep” that encourages each student to become an effective collaborator, communicator, and confident independent learner

  • Opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning and school life

  • Co-curricular activities including athletics teams, fine arts programs, and more

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Families Choose Denver Christian School  Because:

Relationships Centered

Students and teachers thrive in our respectful, joy-filled learning community where we value relationships with each other as members of the family of God.

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Distinctly Christian

Biblical truth is woven into every subject and activity on campus, and students are intentionally mentored to deepen their faith.

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"My daughter has had many life experiences that are both educational and Christ centered. We love the class sizes and the added attention it provides each of the students. The extracurricular and sports offered are fantastic and have added to our daughter's middle school experience. The DCS staff is attentive and charismatic, from the administrative staff to the classroom teachers."

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Academically Excellent

DCS offers students a variety of core and honors courses, a Bible program, STEM courses, and a dual enrollment program.

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Whole Child Education

Our Preschool-12th grade college preparatory curriculum focuses on the whole child as an intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical being. DCS partners with parents to develop students’ personal gifts and prepare them to engage the world as leaders.

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