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Denver Christian School’s 100+ year history includes many evidences of God’s provision, including the purchase of our current Lakewood campus in 2013.  We remain grateful for the successful capital campaign that helped fund the renovations and new construction that made it possible to welcome students on September 2, 2014.  Today, our modern 20-acre campus houses our entire preschool – 12th grade student body and supports excellent academic, athletic and fine arts opportunities.

Lighting the Way: Phase 1

The vital resources generously donated by many supporters during this first capital campaign phase helped transform our campus with:

  • new gymnasiums
  • computer, learning and science labs
  • safe and beautiful playgrounds
  • innovative and collaborative educational spaces
  • our nearly-complete Athletic Fields complex

From the outset, we knew that reaching these initial goals would require unprecedented generosity and support from the entire Denver Christian community, and you came through in spectacular fashion to make it all happen. Thank you!

Grow with Us:  Final Phase

Your generosity enables us to enter into a new and final phase of our Capital Campaign that we’re calling “Grow With Us.” The funds raised during the “Grow With Us” phase of the Capital Campaign will:

Replace current financing in order to free up funds to reinvest into Denver Christian School

We built and opened the athletic fields complex in the 2016-2017 school year so that our students could use them immediately and reap the benefits of world-class athletic facilities for physical education and athletic competition.  We now hope to quickly pay the debt on those stellar fields.

Complete the Athletic Fields complex

Our baseball fields are almost complete but it will shine just a little bit brighter with the installation of the final six lights around the perimeter of the field. Each light is valued at $50,000.

Complete Denver Christian’s first-ever dedicated Fine Arts Center and Auditorium

This phase of our facilities master plan will take ($3M) three million dollars to complete, or three years at ($1M) one million dollars per year.  The fine arts center includes an auditorium that will seat over 400 people featuring state-of-the-art audio and visual and audio technology.  Upon completion, this state-of-the-art performance venue will showcase our drama, music, and band students at all grade levels and also provide space for our weekly chapels and other community gatherings and events. This will be the first dedicated auditorium in the history of Denver Christian School!

Enhance educational spaces, curriculum, and student and staff programming

Enhancements to our educational “Breakout Spaces” near our classrooms will help facilitate different styles of learning and how they relate to specific content areas. New tables, chairs, and visual aid equipment are needed to support the various learning styles of 21st century students. Cost to upgrade the school’s breakout spaces $20,000.

Your continued support of Denver Christian School allows us to continue offering a world-class Christ-centered education in world-class facilities to students who will impact the world!  Thank you for your support!