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At Denver Christian, our mission is to inspire and equip students of Christian families to engage the world with Christ’s transforming power and love.

Denver Christian is a parent run Preschool – 12th grade school serving the students of Christian families at our Lakewood campus.  Our long tradition of excellence began over 100 years ago, and today Denver Christian provides world-class whole child education to over 750 students from 520 families representing over 100 Christian churches in the Denver metro area.

Denver Christian’s commitment to world-class whole child education is evidenced by its faculty, facilities, and broad curricular and cocurricular opportunities.  Denver Christian School is affiliated with both Christian Schools International and Association of Christian Schools International, which includes over 23,000 school systems in the United States and more than 100 countries worldwide. It is accredited by Cognia and the faculty are licensed by the state of Colorado.  Our faculty also average 14 years teaching experience, and nearly half of them have earned advanced degrees.

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Our vision is to provide an accessible world-class, whole child, Christian education where students flourish every day in every way.  Our commitment is to provide world-class learning opportunities for children to develop in the following areas:

Cognitive Growth: Growth of our student’s ability to think and learn well.

Creative and Innovative Growth: Growth of our student’s ability to use their thinking to create something original or better.  

Physical Growth: Growth of our student’s bodies as it relates to proper rest, nutrition, and exercise.  

Social and Emotional Growth: Growth of our student’s ability to empathize with others as they grow in the management of their own emotions.  

Spiritual Growth: Growth in our student’s desire to know God and His plan for their life as part of the teaching and learning process.  


Personal Growth: Growth in our student’s desire to understand their own interests, abilities, and how the development of these connects to their long-term educational success.  

Our Lakewood campus houses our entire preschool – 12th grade student body. Featuring technology-equipped classrooms, a STEM lab, two gyms, two libraries, multiple fine arts classrooms and rehearsal space, the Thunder Grounds coffee bar, Grateful Plate dining area, and lighted athletic fields. It provides students at all grade levels tools to learn, grow, and succeed.

A Trusted Partner for Your Child’s Education

Families concerned with their children’s spiritual development as well as their academic preparation should consider a partnership with Denver Christian School.  Families sometimes believe they may sacrifice academic quality in order for their children to benefit from a distinctively Christian education. At Denver Christian School your child will receive both.  In addition to a world class education, we believe that Denver Christian will provide students with these additional advantages:

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  • A caring Christian community to belong to
  • An environment that fosters a commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus 
  • Individualized attention to each student
  • Relationships with faculty who are mature Christian role models 
  • Biblical instruction as well as classroom and community worship 
  • Preparation for a life of Christian service

“Because of the faith-based education our kids received from Denver Christian, they are more at peace in these uneasy times knowing God has a plan for them. They see how God and education are intertwined. For example, they see how God shows himself in science with his wonderful imagination and it gives them a deeper understanding for the world and its workings.”

Emily Lenertz, Denver Christian School parent

DCS Covid Statement from

Matt Covey, Head of School

March 2020 was a pivotal moment for our world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a society, we have learned more about the virus, and we are grateful for the medical advances that have helped  manage this challenging situation. 

As a school, we are thankful for the Denver Christian Board of Trustees and the school’s leadership team for the resolve and patience they showed as we learned best how to manage the health and safety of our families and students.  Given this experience, the Board of Trustees, together with the leadership team, believe that the school should be given a great deal of autonomy in managing the day-to-day impact Covid-19 has on the operation of the school.  Furthermore, it is our shared belief that parents should, to a great extent, make medical decisions for their children.  The Board of Trustees continues its support of the leadership team’s advocacy at the local and state level for the school to make these types of decisions, keeping in mind the best interests of the families and children it serves.   The Board of Trustees recognizes that different families have different perspectives on this issue, and it is important for all of us to show grace and respect toward each other.  The Board of Trustees and the leadership team understand the serious health implications of properly managing the pandemic for students and staff, and they take these responsibilities seriously. 

However, at this juncture, our position is these decisions should be made at the most local level, which is the school level.  Nevertheless, this school will do its best to comply with directives that are imposed on it by government authorities, while continuing to voice its strong opposition when we believe that those directives are not in the best interests of our children and families.  We encourage you to reach out to the city, county, state, and federal representatives to share your thoughts if you feel similar.  


Matt Covey, Denver Christian Head of School

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