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“Set it and Forget it”

Over 90% of eligible Denver Christian students return each year.  Our continuous enrollment process makes yearly re-enrollment simple and efficient for families, and it allows our DCS leadership team to move forward with enrollment numbers that inform our spring decisions about program offerings and hiring new staff.

Do you have questions about Continuous Enrollment? See our helpful FAQs below!

We typically retain over 90% of our student body.

All Denver Christian families have signed a Continuous Enrollment agreement, which guarantees your child’s class placement until graduation.  As a result, there’s no need to re-enroll your child each year.  If your educational plans change, then you’ll simply notify us that you wish to “opt-out” of Continuous Enrollment for the following year.

  • You will receive a Continuous Enrollment email in December each year, reminding you that you are already enrolled at DCS and providing links to the upcoming year’s tuition rates, financial partnership information, and an opt-out option for Continuous Enrollment.
  • No action will be required if your children will be at Denver Christian School the following year, and the Annual Commitment Fee will automatically be charged to your FACTS account.
  • Financial Partnership timelines will be published each Fall.  Please refer to for the most recently published Financial Partnership information.
  • Each summer before school begins, families will receive an email with directions on how to update family information in FACTS, sign annual permissions, and review the Student/Family Handbook.


The Annual Commitment Fee (previously referred to as the re-enrollment fee), lets Denver Christian know that you are committed to having your children enrolled at DCS for the next school year.  The $150/student fee is nonrefundable and holds your place for enrollment for the following year.  This will be charged to your FACTS account and withdrawn from your bank account on February 1, 2024.

To notify us that your child will not be returning in the fall, please complete the Continuous Enrollment Opt-Out Form.  This form will need to be submitted by January 15, the opt-out deadline.

Denver Christian School makes decisions related to hiring staff, classes, and purchasing curriculum and materials based on anticipated enrollment. Your future plans influence our current decisions.

For that reason, if you notify Denver Christian School of your decision to opt-out of your agreement for the following school year by January 15 of the current year, there is no penalty.  However, if you decide to re-enroll after the Continuous Enrollment due date in January , and have already opted-out of Continuous Enrollment, you will pay the $250/student re-enrollment fee.

Please refer to the Continuous Enrollment Agreement for tuition fees that you will be responsible for if you notify us of your student’s withdrawal after the Continuous Enrollment due date:

  1. March 1, 2024:  25% of the 2024/2025 tuition/fees
  2. July 1, 2024: 50% of the 2024/2025 tuition/fees
  3. December 1, 2024:  100% of the tuition/fees

Yes, all DCS families sign up for a FACTS account for tuition payments, the Annual Commitment Fee and incidentals (sports fees, etc.) upon enrollment.

Denver Christian offers three different tuition payment plans each year.  Tuition can be paid in a (1) one-time payment in July, (2) spread over 10 months or (3) spread over 12 months.  Once your Tuition Payment Plan has been selected, Denver Christian will assume that you are continuing to use the same payment plan for the remainder of your years at Denver Christian, unless you let the business office know by May 1st (two months before the new year’s tuition is billed).

Rates can be found on the Tuition page of website. Tuition for upcoming school years are approved by the school board and posted on the website in December.

DCS would love to continue to partner with your family in your child’s education.  However if you opt-out, your spot at DCS will no longer be secure and could be given to a new student.  Re-enrolling includes a $250/student Annual Commitment Fee.

Current families seeking tuition assistance must complete a financial partnership application by the end of January.  Financial partnership notifications are delivered in February, and upon delivery, families have one week to review and accept the partnership award.  Please see our Financial Partnerships and Scholarships page for more information.

Parents may log into and update their information in the FACTS Family Portal at any time during the year, and may also contact their school office with any additional updates. Additionally, we will email these links to parents at the beginning of each school year.

Log into your Facts account and click on apply/enroll to complete an online application.  Once the application is submitted, DC will be able to merge the new application to the current family.

Please contact Carrie Johnson at or 303-763-7919 if you have questions or concerns.