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Faith formation at Denver Christian School begins with the understanding that God loves us and desires a relationship with us.

While faith begins at home and is nurtured at church, we recognize the important role that our Christian school community plays in our students’ faith journeys.

Our Christ-centered approach to education develops the whole child to know, love, and serve God. Faith is woven through chapels and also in science class discussions about the complexity of God’s creation. We understand art and music as reflections of our creator God.  We honor God with our bodies by pursuing excellence on the athletic field.  Most importantly, we focus on treating each other with care and respect as fellow image-bearers of Jesus Christ.

We are a community united for one purpose:  to bring honor and glory to God in all that we do.


Each Thursday, students gather by school to worship and learn more about God’s word, his world, and their place in it.  Chapels may feature student worship teams, speakers from local churches, classroom-led drama and songs, personal testimonies, service projects, and student or faculty-led prayer.

The elementary school gathers for worship at 8:30 a.m., the middle school at 9:10, and the high school at 11:05.  Parents are welcome to join us.


DCS Chaplain

Connecting students with Jesus is Frankie Jones’ passion. In his role as DCS chaplain, he partners with DCS staff and parents to guide, teach, and mentor students in their faith. You’ll find him leading chapels, meeting with students one-on-one and in small groups, partnering with classroom teachers, and helping students develop their own personal relationships with Jesus.

Chaplain Frankie Jones

Frankie’s passion for introducing youth to Jesus extends beyond the hallways of DCS. He founded the King Life Basketball Academy and has won the Double-Goal Coach Award from PositiveCoaching Alliance for teaching youth how to win on and off the court. As a professional poet, Frankie has worked with the Colorado Symphony in their Lift Every Voice Youth Concert Series, reaching over 100,000 Colorado youth over the last three years with live performances, online classes, and in-classroom visits. Frankie and his wife Sara are also DCS parents!

Faith Families

Once a month, our preschool – high school students come together for worship and service as Faith Families.  Faith Families include at least one student from each grade level.  They stay together the whole time they’re at Denver Christian. As seniors graduate, new students enter the family each year.  The seniors lead devotions and service projects, and intentionally foster a sense of belonging within their families. 

Teaching for Transformation (TfT)

Faith formation happens every day in every classroom at Denver Christian and is approached intentionally through an instructional approach called Teaching for Transformation (Tft). TfT gives teachers tools to integrate biblical principles into classroom instructional practices that nurture’s students faith and relationship with Jesus and empowers them to live out their faith and build God’s Kingdom.

We’re committed to providing our students with world-class learning experiences, and TfT is an integral part of how we accomplish this. DCS Head of School Mr. Matt Covey notes, “TFT doesn’t replace academic rigor; rather, it enhances it by purposefully situating academic curriculum within the larger context of God’s plan for our lives.”  

The TfT “Habits of Learning” that shape classroom learning practices include:

  • curious thinking
  • courageous designing
  • gracious communicating
  • joy-filled collaboration

What does TfT look like in practice? Listen to middle school principal describe the ways that TfT is enriching the middle school student experience. Read about how middle school geography students use literature to explore maps, culture, GIS mapping, and a biblical approach to loving our local and global neighbors.

TfT image

See how TfT led to second-graders donating their Halloween candy to U.S soldiers stationed overseas. Learn more about how TfT shapes our spiritual development at DC by following us on Instagram and Facebook and our blog, where we’ll be continuing to share our faith-forming experiences.