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Art and artistic expression reflect God’s creativity that is displayed through the world’s remarkable complexity.  Because students are image-bearers of their creator, we are committed to helping them discover and delight in creative pursuits as part of their academic experience. 



Students at DC respond creatively to their creator in art class every week.  Elementary students are exposed to a variety of mediums including watercolors, pencil, colored pencil, sculpture, markers, acrylic painting, clay, and mixed media and are also introduced to the principles of design.  Students create individual art portfolios and select one piece to feature in the end-of-year art show. 

Middle School

Our middle school art classes are designed to imagine and create. Diving deeper into the elements of art, students will discover ways to create using their God given imagination and skills learned. Projects are based around the T.A.B. (Teaching for Artistic Behaviors) method to allow students as much freedom and flexibility with their creations as possible. Students also learn to examine art from a Christian perspective, and they’re challenged to consider the ways in which they can honor God through their own creative expression.  

High School

As a school and members of the body of Christ, we are called to engage the world around us. Engaging the world requires us to see it first. Through art we can better understand God as the ultimate Creator, observe the intricacies of His world, and create works of art that express not only our unique own gifts and talents but invite others into the faith conversation as well. All art classes are designed to explore, create and discuss the works around us and the works we create. 

Each class typically produces 3-4 pieces of art throughout the term. 

Classes Offered:

Introduces the Elements and Principles of art and integrates them intentionally to art works. From there fundamentals of drawing/creating are instructed to give students an understanding of observational drawing, figure/facial proportions, and perspective drawing. 

Broken down into three key units, students will have the opportunity to discover and embrace their artist style more through Drawing to See (plein air drawing), Drawing to Know (DaVinci Inspired) and Drawing to Tell (Illustration).

Through exploring printmaking techniques of the masters, students will create their own printmaking works with the linocuts, monotypes, and etchings to create their own pieces.

Along with learning more in depth about color theory and how it can influence their work, students will also learn and practice the painting techniques of batiks, watercolor and acrylic.

Embraces the world of 3D creation experimenting with different pottery techniques, making miniatures and taking old things to repurposing them to something new.

This course offers students a chance to learn about the history of photography, the elements and principles through photography, how to properly use a DSLR camera to achieve the best and most artist look, along with the basics of photo editing. Students will create a series of projects that help them explore the best composition, exposure, lighting and editing to create their photographs.