The Croskrey Family

When the Crocksey family moved to Colorado, they wanted a community and a place for their children to thrive. Their son started his school experience with two completely virtual years in the public school system. They came to Denver Christian looking for a change and have been thrilled with the impact on their family’s life. 

What has changed since coming to Denver Christian? 

After starting at Denver Christian, the Croskreys were impressed with how he excelled. Kayla Croskrey says, “I cannot express how grateful and amazed I was at how fast DC put together a plan to help him catch up to other students and how quickly they were successful.” Kayla believes that each administrator and teacher understands and caters to her children’s educational needs.

The Croskrey’s chose Denver Christian because they could “feel and see the culture” of the community. Now that they have attended for a while, they attest to how supportive the community is. “Not only did DC make it easy for my two children to transition by assigning them buddies and making sure they acclimated well, but the school also does an amazing job engaging the parents and families into the DC family,” Kayla says that within a few months, they had built a network of close friends, unlike anything they had experienced in a school community before. 

Building a Spiritual Foundation

As important as academics are, the Croskeys have also been impressed with the spiritual foundation that their children are building at Denver Christian. “I am blown away by the level of detail my son and daughter can go into when recounting what they have learned in Bible class,” Kayla says. Their children have enjoyed scripture memorization, leading chapel, and applying their Biblical lessons to everyday life experiences. Kayla says, “There is no greater investment that we can make as parents than in our children’s faith and rigorous education.  Not only are they getting all of these things  at DC, but they will be surrounded by positive, like-minded influences and building life-long friendships.”

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