The Rankin Family

The atmosphere of a community or a culture makes a tremendous difference in how we live out our present. It also shapes how we look forward to the future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many communities were shaken amidst uncertainty, isolation, and anxiety. 

Why did the Rankins choose Denver Christian? 

Like many families during this season, the Rankins struggled with deciding what to do about their children’s education. “We needed to make a decision to give our kids the best opportunity to learn and be in a positive social-emotional environment with other kids.” As they considered different private schools, they came to Denver Christian for a visit. From the first time they walked through the front doors of our campus, the Rankin family felt the warmth of the Denver Christian community. “The feeling of a great atmosphere goes beyond the physical building; the people were enthusiastic and welcoming, answering all our questions with answers that put children and families first.” 

How has attending Denver Christian impacted their family? 

Since joining the Denver Christian community, the Rankins have seen their children thrive. For the Rankins, seeing their children grow in every aspect of their lives was important. While academics were important, so were things like their children’s spiritual lives. Ashleigh Rankin says, “The teachers at DC have been nothing but outstanding, exceeding our expectations and becoming a part of our family’s life.” They see the impact of a Christ-centered curriculum on a regular basis, even through things like sibling squabbles. “I will often hear one of them talk about how God wants them to treat one another differently or how they aren’t being kind or generous (or insert another fruit of the spirit here),” Ashley says. “We are so grateful that as their parents, we are not the only ones teaching them about Jesus and showing them His love and devotion.” 

What advice would the Rankins give families considering a change?

The Rankins encourage families considering Denver Christian to come to experience the environment for themselves: “You’ll never fully understand the feel and atmosphere at Denver Christian until you are there. It’s unique in a way that inspires you when you walk in the door, an atmosphere that can not be described, only experienced. I would describe it as hope, a palatable hope in something that provides life beyond a world full of fear and doom.”

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