““Our teachers and staff are OUTSTANDING. They know my children and invest in their lives and their success.””– Parent


Our faculty and staff are among our greatest resources. Not only are they exceptionally committed, they are accessible. All have a service mindset, striving to bring honor to God in all that they do. They have made a difference in the lives of our Denver Christian students and families. Read below to understand who they are and what they do.

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Leadership Office

Lori Bailey, Accounts Receivable/Payroll
Brant Epperhart, Director of Finance & Facilities
Carrie Johnson, Director of Admissions
Sandy Lanser, Administrative Assistant - Leadership Office

Academic Office

Tyler Amidon, Director of Student Life - Middle School Principal
Steve Kortenhoeven, Director of Academics - High School Principal
Adele Kroonenberg, Administrative Assistant - Academic Office
Sandie Posthumus, Administrative Assistant - Academic Office
Lauralee Veenstra, K-5 Principal, RenWeb Administrator

Elementary School

Marcy Allison, Elementary - Extend Program Manager
Maggie Ballard, Early Childhood, Preschool Director
Jessica Barrientos, Elementary- Fifth Grade
Jan Budreau, Preschool - Aide
David Byma, Elementary - 5th Grade Teacher
Kaitlyn Clark, Elementary - 1st grade teacher
Sonja Elmore, Preschool - 3 Year Old Teacher
Amanda Herrera, Elementary - 4th Grade Teacher
Deb Hogan, Kindergarten/Enrichment
Linda Holmes, Elementary, Middle School - Art
Jen Last, Elementary/Middle School Music and Drama
Carla Lenderink, Elementary - 4th Grade Teacher
Kristy Natelborg, Elementary - 2nd Grade
Galyn Pfau, Preschool Aide
Laurie Sanderson, Elementary - Kindergarten Teacher
Jaclyn Sikkema, Elementary - 3rd Grade
Jana Swalley, Elementary - 1st Grade Teacher
Karin Tanner, Elementary - 3rd Grade Teacher
Lauralee Veenstra, K-5 Principal, RenWeb Administrator
Pamela Vernon, Preschool Teacher, 3 & 4 year olds
Brittany Viss, Preschool Teacher- 4 year olds.

Middle School

Leanne Bartz, Middle and High School Art Teacher: middle school Art, high school art fundamentals, art process, and studio art
Matt De Boer, Middle School- English and Bible
Ben Dirksen, Middle School - Math, Science, and Bible
Ben Kloosterman, Middle School - Math, Science, and Bible
Jen Last, Elementary/Middle School Music and Drama
Judy Perkins, EXTEND educator, Middle School, High School - Math
Val Poland, Middle School - English and Geography Teacher
Russ Smith, Middle School - Math, Science and Bible
Lynae Steketee, Middle School teacher: Science & Geography, and Physical Education
Tim Zietse, Middle School - Social Studies

High School

Leanne Bartz, Middle and High School Art Teacher: middle school Art, high school art fundamentals, art process, and studio art
Patrick Boyd, High School - Physics, Technology, Graphics, Engineering
Brad Homan, High School - Bible
Reba Bull, High School - Spanish
Julie Cumming, High School - Math
Kelvin Haidle, High School - PE
Holly Horner, High School - Biology
Barry Meyer, High School - Science Teacher
René Meyer, High School - English Teacher
Judy Perkins, EXTEND educator, Middle School, High School - Math
James Timmer, High School - Social Studies
Dirk Visser, HS Math Teacher
Tami Zietse, High School - English


Myka Barnes-Garcia, Athletic Coach - Varsity Cheer Coach
Carol Buikema, Physical Education - Elementary, Middle School
Reba Bull, Athletic Coach - MS Cross Country
Matt De Boer, Athletic Coach - MS Boys Basketball Coach
Kelvin Haidle, Athletic Coach - Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Russ Haman, Athletic Coach - Varsity Girls Volleyball
Barb Landhuis, Athletic Director
Danielle Mayen , Athletic Coach - MS Cross Country

Educational Services

Ben DeNooy, MA, NCC, High School - Psychology, School Counselor
Jon Gesink, EXTEND Learning Lab Instructor
Jen Jackson-Gustafson, MA, LPC, School Counselor
Dick Katte, Extend Assistant, Math
Kim Laga, Wholesome Tummies Cafe - Owner
Paul Lowe, International Students Coordinator
Judy Perkins, EXTEND educator, Middle School, High School - Math
Jason Romero, Community Relations / Clubs & Camps
Dina Russelavage, EXTEND Elementary Aide
Twyla Smith, EXTEND Elementary Aide - Kindergarten, First and Second grades
Tracey Twinam, EXTEND Extend Coordinator
Peige Visser, EXTEND Paraeducator Middle School
Karen Waanders, Elementary - Librarian
Nancy Waanders, Middle School, High School - Librarian

Teacher Spotlight



High School, English


DEGREES: BA English, California State University, Fresno; M.A. Education, Claremont Graduate School

AWARDS: 2017 CU Boulder Outstanding Colorado Educator Award

Mrs. Zietse equips students by preparing them to write well, read well, and think deeply; not only through exploring specific stories, books or techniques, but also by providing strategies that can be applied to life. In her free time, Mrs. Zietse is an avid reader and loves to sing with her church praise team.


PRIMARY ROLE AT DCS:5th Grade Teacher


DEGREES: BA Special Education and Elementary Education,Trinity Christian College

Mr. Byma loves to encourage students to become part of their learning that is why he teaches through student participation in reenactments, science experiments, and case scenarios that challenge students to ask questions and look at problems from different angles. When he is not teaching, Mr. Byma enjoys playing all sorts of games, reading, cooking, and painting.

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