Supporting Students & Families: Denver Christian’s Counseling Center

We don’t need to tell you twice:  the start of the 2020/2021 school year will look and feel a little different.  Here at Denver Christian School, we’re thankful that our gifted counselors are preparing for the fall reopening with expanded counseling center resources!

Social-Emotional Learning Central to Counseling Center’s Focus

Social-emotional learning (SEL) refers to a proactive approach for students to learn about relationships, and identifying and processing feelings in healthy ways.  SEL focuses on building skills and tools such as:

  • effectively communicate using skills like eye contact
  • practicing conflict resolution skills using “I” statements
  • learning about healthy outlets for feelings and responding appropriately to others
  • discovering their relational strengths
  • identifying growth areas in interpersonal relationships

These are fundamental and foundational skills for students in all grades.  These are lifelong skills that help students develop a healthy view of how God made them and how they can relate the best way God has intended in all relationships.

The counseling team serves every student by offering social-emotional learning for every class several times throughout the year, and Denver Christian counselors also offer individual and group counseling for school-related issues on an as-needed basis.

Counseling Center Provides Support for Every Child

We recognize that our students are facing a very complex and changing world, and the counseling center is offerings expanded hours and services this year to further resource and support our students.

Jen Jackson-Gustafson provides resources and support for elementary students.  We will continue to use the Sanford Harmony program in elementary grades and will provide additional support in this program for classroom teachers.

Ben DeNooy provides resources and support for middle and high school in the areas of college and career guidance. Starting in middle school, he works in each classroom helping students identify and discover their unique God-given traits and interests. We also connect our families to outside therapy resources. Additionally, the counseling center is adding two interns who will be assisting with SEL grade-level opportunities and other aspects of our program.  Look for Sophie, a therapy dog, on campus several times this year as well!

Counseling Center Supports Denver Christian Families

The counseling center offers small group sessions as needed, consults with parents and teachers regarding students’ individual needs, and provides referrals to other mental health resources and providers.

Building on the success of our Sanford Harmony programs in classrooms, we will be using this proven program as a resource for parents and families as well.

Denver Christian School counselors are available for anyone with a need, concern or a question.  Our counselors are always eager to  encourage and support our students, parents and staff.

Denver Christian School has limited openings for students in PreK-12 for Fall 2020.  Contact Carrie Johnson, Director of Admissions, with questions and to schedule a tour.

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