Finish the Dream for the Performing Arts Center!

At Denver Christian one our “Outcomes of a Flourishing Student” is that we seek to develop in each child a “Beauty Creator.”  At DC, being a “Beauty Creator” means to develop creative works that stir imaginations and touch hearts so that people can both know and feel God’s truth, goodness, and beauty. The DC Performing Arts Center (PAC) will give each student involved in the performing arts their own space to develop creative works for the glory of God.  

Annie Jr. Spring 2022 Performance

Developing our campus

Since purchasing our campus in 2014, Denver Christian has steadily transformed it to provide the highest quality, co-curricular learning spaces, and a world-class, whole child Christian education. We give thanks and glory to God that so much of this dream has been achieved.  

But there is one piece of our dream that has yet to be realized. In the middle of our facility sits the shell of a beautiful performing arts center (PAC). Now is the time to transform that shell into what it is meant to be, a space of beauty that will inspire and encourage as our students present creative works that stir imaginations and touch hearts. 

In the last nine months, we have responded to the deep desire to see this space transformed by embarking on the quiet phase of a fundraising campaign. The quiet phase has given us a great start in fundraising to begin the construction of the PAC. Through the generosity of a small group of donors, we have already raised $2.3 million for the new Performing Arts Center! 

“A new performing arts center will bring the Denver Christian community together and allow for more fulfilling performance opportunities for our students as our programs continue to grow. An intimate, dignified space will increase our students’ self-confidence, enrich their musical and theatrical experiences and empower them to have even more of a passion for performing.” 

Aimee Delnero, DCS Band Director

The Finish the Dream Campaign

We are also excited to announce that an additional $800,000 has been committed in the last six weeks as a special matching gift to drive the final stage of the PAC campaign. Our generous donors have agreed to match every gift made in the final stage of the campaign, dollar for dollar, up to $800,000! This will exceed our fundraising goal of $3.8 million. 

It is with this matching gift that we are publically launching our Finish the Dream campaign. We are inviting the whole Denver Christian community into the process of finishing what we started 8 years ago: a consolidated campus with top-notch educational spaces, athletic facilities, and a world-class performing arts center.  

Project Highlights

The Performing Arts Center will serve our community in many different ways. Here are some of the highlights of this space!

  • Multi-use performance and space
  • Seating capacity of 400 for performances
  • Proscenium stage for plays, musicals, dance and music ensemble performances
  • State of the art retractable seating that stores to provide a flat floor space for meetings, banquets, school dances, etc.
  • Acoustically tunable for a variety of uses
  • Theatrical, video, and broadcast capabilities
  • Academic space to host high school electives connected to worship, performance, and theatrical, and composition type classes.  

How can I participate?

Your investment and involvement are so valuable to this project. Families can participate by making a one-time or multi-year pledge. Families can also purchase a seat in the future PAC to dedicate to someone special. If there is a coach, teacher, or family member, that has made a difference in your life, you can purchase a seat and they will be commemorated in our hall of fame. This is a limited opportunity until the 400 seats are purchased.

Please visit our Finish the Dream fundraising page to learn more! 

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