Serving the Community One Yard at a Time

Today’s challenge:  rake leaves in 80 yards in our community!  Up for that challenge were 160 middle schoolers armed with rakes, gloves, and bags for Denver Christian Middle School’s annual leaf-raking community service project. 

It’s tradition for Denver Christian Middle School students to spend a Friday raking leaves at homes in our community.  It’s one tangible way we are able to fulfill our mission to engage God’s world with Christ’s transforming love and power, and according to our students, it was also “so much more fun that I expected!” 

The students are sent in small groups led by parent chaperones to clean up the lawns for people who are unable to do so on their own. The students are encouraged to see the local community outside of our four walls and learn that there are needs that they are capable of meeting this close to home. 

While students were out raking leaves, some groups were able to interact with the homeowners that they were serving. These homeowners were so grateful for the DC students.

One homeowner expressed her gratitude by promising to continue to pray for Denver Christian School and our students and said that she loved seeing kids outside and enjoying time together while working hard and serving the community. One of our students reported that another homeowner “was so thankful she gave us the rest of her Halloween candy!” 

Cleaning up this many leaves is a whole team effort — some lawns take a lot more work than others!

When groups finish their assigned yards they are often sent to assist other groups. This year, Lawn #41 was a big one, so a cry for help was sent. Soon after the call for help went out we received notice from a parent that “almost the whole middle school is at 41!  So fun!” 

It takes many hands coming together to get the job done, and our middle school students really showed up. 

As the students arrived back to DC and filled the hallways, energy was high and students were swapping highlights about their experiences.

“We finished BOTH of our lawns and then went and helped another group rake two more!” 

“Man, I’m tired, but that was a great day.” 

Today the DC middle school students experienced the joy of serving others!  Learn more about faith formation at Denver Christian School, and contact us if you’d like to explore Denver Christian School for your child’s education.

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