Senior Art Murals in the High School

At Denver Christian, we love watching students grow in their creativity. Each of our students brings their unique gifts and talents, building our wonderful community. This year, three high school seniors wanted to give back to the Denver Christian community by creating an art mural to enrich spaces on our campus.

Senior Stairs

Gwen Geiger’s mural is on the north parking lot stairs which are used exclusively by staff and the high school seniors. Gwen wanted the mural to be special for seniors so that they can reflect every day of their senior year as they walk into school. Each step will have the class verse and graduating class number starting with the class of 2015.

“These verses remind the students that their God is with them in this place and as they graduate.” Gwen painting is meant to portray the passage of leadership from one class to another, showing the beauty in our community and each class and senior within it. Gwen notes, “Figuratively, the Garden of Eden impressionistic style of the mural encompasses the faith, nostalgia, and growth that each graduating class experiences. The river flowing with every verse and year is symbolic of the change of leadership given to each class.”

Senior Breakout Space

Nathan Meintjes wanted to add life and personality to the senior breakout space, which originally had blank walls. Since this space will be used for students year after year, Nathan wanted a meaningful message for all students, so he picked a familiar verse, Isaiah 40:8 “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord endure forever.” Nathan also liked this verse for the particular placement of the mural: “I wanted to play off the fact that the mural would be position between all of the language art classes.”

Girls Bathroom Stalls

Lastly, Taylor McNally was inspired by the stalls of the Highlands Ranch campus from years ago. Taylor remembers how the stalls were painted with positive messages, brightening up the otherwise bland space. Recently, Taylor has studied the symbolism of flowers and realized how they can represent powerful ideas like wisdom, respect, etc. This inspired Taylor to paint 13 stalls in the girls bathrooms at school. She writes, “My goal in this is to not only embrace my love for flowers but also remind others of the underlying beauty and characteristics that they hold because that is something that is often overlooked and forgotten.” These flowers are not just going to be something to look at, but a hidden reminder for girls of their worth and identity.

These murals are a fantastic representation of what our students bring to our school community. What starts out as a blank wall turns into a beautiful mural and message. Each of our students contains incredible creative talent, as well as reminders and messages for us as a community. We hope that you get a chance to see the work of these amazing seniors that will bless our community for years to come! 

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