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The Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum is a blended learning solution for 6th-12th grade students that helps to develop critical non-cognitive skills (‘soft skills’) and college knowledge, while instilling confidence to help them reach their long-term and career goals. Students will learn about critical topics related to self-discovery, developing success skills, building a network, exploring career options, and planning for college — academically, socially, emotionally and financially.

Here is a broad overview of the kind of topics our DC students will learn about during their four years at DCHS:

9th Grade:

  • Connecting potential career paths to the student’s interests
  • Developing strong study skills
  • Identifying strengths
  • Identifying learning styles
  • Setting goals
  • Identifying career clusters and connecting them to the student’s interests
  • Developing a resume
  • Building relationships with teachers
  • Choosing the right courses to achieve the student’s goals
  • Developing teamwork and collaborative skills
  • Creating a college/career plan and beginning the college search
  • Financial aid and how to pay for college
  • Introduction to the college application

10th Grade:

  • How to get involved
  • Identifying unique personal traits and how to strengthen them
  • Working hard and self-improvement
  • Building success skills and habits
  • Connecting courses and careers
  • Identifying and overcoming fears about the future
  • Understanding college debt
  • Enhancing a resume
  • Determining college fit
  • Building support networks
  • Navigating a college website
  • How to do a college visit
  • Sharing future plans with family
  • Understanding financial aid and the real cost of college

11th Grade:

  • Understanding standardized tests
  • Developing a test preparation plan
  • Using College SuperMatch to search for colleges based on fit
  • Understanding the college application essay
  • Building self-confidence
  • Paying for college and identifying scholarships
  • Understanding the FAFSA and other financial aid

12th Grade:

  • Understanding the steps of a college application
  • How to express yourself in a college essay
  • Understanding career readiness
  • Conducting a national scholarship search
  • Finalizing a resume and how to use it in the future
  • Preparing to leave home
  • Using the FAFSA 4caster to estimate government financial aid
  • Choosing the right school based on fit
  • Completing the FAFSA
  • Next steps beyond the acceptance letter
  • Using the Financial Aid Offer Analyzer to determine the best offer
  • Developing college success skills
  • Creating a college budget
  • Building a college network