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Denver Christian utilizes the Scoir College Search & Application Resource. Scoir is an online college guidance management system designed to expand college access and improve collegiate outcomes. Scoir supports students and parents through the college search, planning, and application process.

Scoir will help students learn about collegiate opportunities through a comprehensive college search experience that enables students to assess fit with personal interests as well as academic interests in order to increase retention and completion. Students can also use engaging self-assessment tools that identify and match their interests and abilities to potential career pathways.

Here is a broad overview of the kind of topics our DC students will learn about during their four years at DCHS:

9th Grade:

  • Building a four-year high school plan
  • Choosing courses that align with students’ goals, abilities and interests
  • Understanding GPA and the high school transcript
  • Earning college credit while in high school
  • Developing strong study skills
  • Identifying strengths
  • Identifying learning styles
  • Developing a resume
  • Building relationships with teachers
  • Introduction to the college search process
  • Introduction to financial aid and how to pay for college
  • Understanding high school expectations (transcript, digital footprint, etc.)

10th Grade:

  • How to get involved and build your resume
  • Identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement
  • Establishing successful skills and habits
  • Connecting courses to careers
  • YouScience assessment and career exploration
  • Understanding the different types of colleges
  • Understanding college athletics/co-curriculars
  • Enhancing a resume
  • Introduction to standardized college admission tests
  • Building support networks and getting to know your teachers
  • Navigating a college website
  • Building a college list and understanding college fit
  • Introduction to scholarships
  • Further understanding types of financial aid
  • Developing digital literacy skills and its potential impact

11th Grade:

  • Understanding standardized testing and college admissions
  • Developing a test preparation plan
  • How to attend a college fair or do a college visit
  • How to narrow down a college list and assess college fit
  • Connecting YouScience results to one’s future
  • How to write the college application essay
  • Understanding letters of recommendation
  • Calculating cost of attendance and utilizing Net Price Calculators
  • Paying for college and identifying scholarships
  • Understanding the FAFSA and other financial aid

12th Grade:

  • Navigating the steps and requirements of a college application
  • How to demonstrate interest in a college
  • Understanding career readiness
  • Determining college fit
  • Conducting a scholarship search
  • Finalizing a resume and how to use it in the future
  • Choosing the right school based on fit
  • Completing the FAFSA
  • Preparing for college interviews
  • How to evaluate admissions decisions and financial aid packages
  • Final steps to enrolling in college
  • Developing college success skills
  • Creating a college budget
  • Exploring military careers