Gratitude for Our Retirees

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting an Open House reception to celebrate our Barb Landhuis and Carol Buikema’s retirement from Denver Christian. We have been so blessed by their time at Denver Christian and the way that these incredible women have transformed our community for the better.
We asked Barb and Carol to share some of the many ways they’ve been a part of Denver Christian over the years–here is what they shared with us.

Carol Buikema

Carol has taught for 35 years. For the first two years of her career, she taught at West Orlando Christian School in Florida. She worked at Denver Christian for the past 33 years. For 13 years, Carol taught 5th and 6th grade at our Van Dellen campus. She transitioned to teaching Physical Education, where she taught at the Highlands Ranch and Van Dellen Campus–and then our current campus! Carol blesses our community in so many ways. She was our Kids Heart Challenge Coordinator for 19 years and also coordinated our Omnibus program (the Van Dellen campus’s gifted and talented program), served as a Key Teacher (similar to an assistant principal), and coached HS and MS volleyball at different times. Beyond her many accolades, anyone who met Carol in our community can testify to her warm smile and welcoming spirit. She brought joy and support to her colleagues, students, and friends.

What stands out to Carol from her time at DC?

I have been blessed to be able to teach in Christian schools during my career. Denver Christian has been a place where I was challenged to grow as an educator and also as a Christian. Fellow teachers and parents have become friends. They have been loving and supportive during both good and difficult times. A memory that stands out for me are the smiles, laughter and joy of the students each day. It has been a blessing to work with children of different ages every day.

What is something you plan to do in retirement?

  • I hope to spend time visiting my children and other family members who live in different places around the country. I am also looking forward to having some unscheduled time and being available for what God has planned.

Barb Landhuis

Barb worked in education for 41 years, all of those at Denver Christian. Mrs. Landhuis has worn different hats during her decades at Denver Christian. She served as a PE Teacher for 30 years, teaching at all three levels. She taught MS Health (6 years), HS General Business (5 years), HS Typing (5 years), and Elementary Computer (8 years). During her career, Barb coached 5 different sports: HS Head Volleyball (15 years), HS JV Girls Soccer (6 years), MS Girls Basketball (6 years), MS Track/Field (2 years), and MS Volleyball (8 years).

Barb might be the only staff member to have worked on all four campus locations: Van Dellen, Pearl Street, Highlands Ranch, and our current Teller St. campus. Barb has been an integral member of our community. She has always served facing the community–she knows everyone and everyone knows her! We couldn’t be more thankful for Barb’s faithfulness to our community over the past four decades.

What is a memory that stands out from your time at DC?

God has brought so many blessings into my life through my association with DC. I have been blessed to teach, to coach, to develop life-long friendships with my peers, and with former and present students and their parents (in some cases I know four generations in the same families). My husband and children were blessed to receive their K-12 education at DC. God provided me the opportunity to serve Him in so many different avenues. Most of all, I have been blessed to see God’s faithfulness through the years, and witness His orchestration through all of life. So, my most significant memory would be that a school such as DC exists to ultimately serve and bring glory to God as it lives out the mission to educate children.

What is something you hope to do in retirement?

I hope to be more “present” for my family and to be open to what God has planned for me in the coming years.

We wish Carol and Barb the best in their retirement. We are so thankful for their combined 75 years of service and the model of generosity and faithfulness that they are for us! Denver Christian is so blessed by our amazing faculty & staff!

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