DC Varsity Soccer is going to state tournament!

A Historic Match

On October 20th, we (our high school varsity soccer team) played Alexander Dawson for our last regular season soccer game. This was such an important game because it would show the rest of 2A soccer that we have what it takes to make it to state. Within the four years I have been at this program, we have never beaten Dawson. We lost my one point our freshman year, tied in the regular season and lost in semi’s my sophomore year, and lost in double overtime my junior year. Coming into this game Jackson B, Leul, and I wanted to end our senior season with one last blaze of glory.

Varsity vs. Denver Academy @ Denver Christian

Overtime Victory

I am happy to say that we finally won against Dawson. It was a tight game all the way to the end and we ended up winning 4-3 in overtime. The game started off very intense with a slip up by myself and the rest of the defense, letting them score within the first 5 minutes of the game. We quickly came back with a goal. The rest of the half was a constant battle back and forth with us getting a 3rd goal right before the end of the half. They unfortunately came back in the second half tying it up 3-3. Going into overtime we were nervous but ready. Within the first five minutes Drew V, got called for his 2nd yellow card and was pulled from the game. We had to continue to play the rest of overtime a man down. With 5 minutes to 2nd halve of overtime, Jackson B. had a break away and scored.  In the end, Derrin scored one goal, and Jackson B. had a hat trick. 

Nathan Meintjes (left) is one of the seniors on our high school soccer team. We are so thankful for their leadership on the team!

DC Thunder boys’ varsity soccer will be playing in the state tournament regional finals game this weekend. Tournament play begins Friday, and game and ticketing information will be updated on our athletics hub as soon as we have it. To follow our varsity soccer team’s journey through state tournaments and to stay up to date on DC Athletics, check in on our website and follow Roll DC Thunder on Twitter or Instagram!

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