Alumni Spotlight: Geoff Scott

Keeping up with our alumni around the US (and around the world) is one of our great joys at Denver Christian. As they build roots in their communities and bless the world around them, Denver Christian alumni amaze us with their gifts and passions. This month, we spoke with Geoff Scott (Class of 2006) about his life post-graduation and journey into the medical field. 

Teachers are the backbone of a successful school experience. During his time at Denver Christian, Geoff had many teachers play a significant role in his life. Geoff remembers Mr. Selby, his band teacher, encouraging him and his band members. Barry and Rene Meyer (who taught science and English for many years) influenced Geoff in his time at DC and in the next step of his life. They, along with other Calvin graduates, led Geoff to Calvin College (now Calvin University) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to the teachers who stand out to Geoff, the friendships that Geoff still cherishes to this day. 

During his time at Calvin, Geoff majored in Biology as a pre-med. Geoff reflects, “My education at Denver Christian was outstanding and left me well positioned to get into a great college and to do well once in the college environment. I didn’t know I wanted to be a doctor while studying at Denver Christian (I made that choice early in college) but Denver Christian and Calvin University left many doors open.” After graduating from Calvin, Geoff completed his MD at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine.

While being placed for residency, Geoff hadn’t intended to wind up in Georgia. However, he explains, “There is a system called “The Match” that matches MD graduates with residency positions with some algorithms. While it tries to be optimal, it left me with no spot initially, which meant I had to scramble and match to spots that were left unfilled.” Geoff decided to complete his residency in Savannah, intending to specialize in internal medicine. 

In another twist, Geoff ended up specializing as an OBGYN. During this transition, Geoff remembered advice from his basketball coach and pre-calc teacher at Denver Christian. Geoff says, “I recalled Mr. Katte telling us we had to ‘bloom where you are planted’ and I did my best, and ended up greatly appreciating the training I received there, even if it had not been my planned place to end up training for several years.”

Geoff now lives in rural Michigan with his wife, Amanda, and their three daughters. 

We asked Geoff what part of our Portrait of a Flourishing Student has applied most to his life. He explained that his work in rural Michigan has made him a community builder and resource steward, caring for his patients in a small community. We are thankful for Geoff’s openness to the Lord’s call in his life. He is faithfully following God’s call to bring healing to brokenness and disease in the world. 

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