What Will We Discover Next?

Who would’ve thought that riding the Light Rail would be such a tough thing to learn as a freshman boy … what train, what tracks, what time, and what place to get off are all new skills that some of our high schoolers have had to navigate as one of the many things that come along with our high school Discovery Week.

Was that an original goal for our Coding Kids and their week? Certainly not a planned one, but a delightful byproduct that is one of the many unique treasures of our Discovery Week! 

So what is there exactly to discover during DC’s annual Discovery Week for High School? The answer … so much. 

Discovering God’s World

We are now entering into our third year of running a Discovery Week here. Similar to how many colleges do a ‘Janterm,’ our high school has also taken on the idea of diving deeper into a topic or place to explore more and embrace our curiosities.

Each class or destination provides a way for students to discover every square inch of God’s world in a unique and fun way. Every year we take a week (typically in between our terms) to offer trips, along with both full and half day options here on campus.

We’ve been fortunate to typically offer a couple of international and domestic trips along with some tried and true options that students look forward to each year such as college visits, driver’s education, and senior synthesis work week. 

While international trips are not an option for this year, we’re lucky to partner with Simply Venture to create some trips around the country. Their goal is ‘intentional travel’ to get students out of their comfort zone. This year, we’re offering a Santa Barbara Surf and Serve week, an educational trip to the Black Hills, and a unique time away at Frontier Ranch.

Discovering New Ideas

If students choose to remain on campus, they have a wide variety of options to choose from this year such as:

Escape Room Mastery

Interior Wood Working

Culinary Arts


Sports (history and playing)

Life Skills



Each year gives our staff an opportunity to craft new adventures and find out more about students’ passions in creating a meaningful week.

Going forward we can’t wait to travel abroad again, whether it’s going back to Puerto Rico or Guatemala, or taking on somewhere new – we are eager to discover more of God’s world and the people in it.

While our week has also been led by staff up to this point, our hope is to use Discovery Week as an opportunity for our families and community to become more involved and share their skills, interests and passions with students as well!  

So here’s the big question, what will we discover next? 

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