The Denver Christian Auction is Coming Soon!

Since 2015, our auction has played a huge role in raising funds at Denver Christian. Whether you are new to DC, have never attended the auction, or are a regular attendee, we are excited for you to be a part of the event this year! 

The theme this year is “He who is in me is greater than the one in the world.” While there is tension and division in the world around us, we are excited for this special time to come together to celebrate our community and make a difference in our school.

When is this year’s auction? 

This year’s auction is Saturday March, 19 2022 at 5 pm. The event will be held in the Denver Christian main gym.  This year’s presenting sponsor will be Olson & Olson Insurance.

What do funds support? 

Proceeds benefit the Denver Christian School loyalty fund.  This fund helps to cover costs that tuition doesn’t cover including elements of teacher and staff professional development and trainings, technology and campus upgrades, the operations budget and financial aid.

Just last year, funds from the auction went to: 

  • Updates to campus and building: we built more classrooms to support our growing enrollment, updated our dining hall, and maintained other parts of our state-of-the-art campus.
  • Technology:  technology continues to play an important role in our classrooms, and a third of our teacher computer inventory has been updated each year. Loyalty drive funds also supported purchasing Chromebooks & charging carts for the elementary school.
  • Faculty and staff wellness: our staff works incredibly hard and the pandemic increased their workload. To thank and support our amazing staff, loyalty drive funds supported offering teachers one lunch each week from Grateful Plate.
  • Building HVAC upgrades: to help maintain the healthiest possible environment for our community, we prioritized upgrading our HVAC system and were grateful for loyalty drive funds that helped support this important upgrade.
  • Professional development and training for our staff
  • Additional support for financial aid

The Auction’s Impact

The auction has grown and impacted our community in incredible ways since the first event in 2015 raised $135, 839. In 2020, we were blessed through generous donations and support from the greater DC community and raised $321,303 — and special thanks goes to 70+ incredible volunteers and their combined 2,000 hours of service in support of this event!

We are also extremely grateful to the entire DC community for donating and soliciting donations for the auction. Last year, there were over 275 donors of items valued at over $100,000. Highly sought-after items at the auction each year also include special donations from teachers — home parties, time, expertise, and even a prized chair in their classroom! 

How Can I Support the Auction? 

We need volunteers! Volunteers support and move this important fundraiser forward in every way, and we welcome your involvement both on the night of the auction and throughout the months leading up to it. What are you good at? How would you like to be involved? A special word of welcome and an invitation to new families: joining the auction team is a great way to meet other Denver Christian families while supporting the school community in a meaningful way.

Whether you have a special interest or you’d like to help wherever help is needed, please email to join the team of volunteers!

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