The Big Picture Podcast: Finish the Dream

As Denver Christian continues to grow as a school, we always want to keep the big picture in mind. Our vision as a school is to provide an accessible world-class, whole child, Christian education where students flourish every day in every way. In the most recent episode of the Big Picture Podcast, our head of school, Matt Covey, joins Jill Kalkman (Director of Development and Alumni Relations) to discuss the role that the Performing Arts Center will play in helping our students flourish.

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What is the Finish the Dream campaign? 

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Ever since moving into our Teller St. campus, our community has dreamed of building a performing arts center. About a year ago, we dusted off our old plans and started work on this project again. This spring, we officially launched the Finish the Dream campaign to raise funds for a center that will be one of a kind in the state of Colorado. 

We are now a year into fundraising for the PAC and will start construction this summer. Our donors’ and community’s passion for this project is evident. The PAC will empower our students creatively, transforming hearts and minds for the glory of Christ. 

“It’s compelling. It’s a transformational space that will touch every single student that walks through the doors of DC no matter that student’s interests or their strengths.”

Jill Kalkman, Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Why a performing arts center? 

In this podcast episode, Matt and Jill reflect not just on what the PAC will be but on why we want to build this center in the first place. 

The performing arts center is an important part of our vision to provide a world-class, whole-child education. Our portrait of a flourishing student is someone who is a beauty creator. This means that they are developing creative works that stir imaginations and touch hearts so that people can both know and feel God’s truth, goodness, and beauty. We are immensely proud of our theater and fine arts programs. We know how much they will excel with a space built especially for them. 

For many children, the performing arts and fine arts are the space where they feel most connected to God’s purpose for their lives. Matt imagines three different stories: A middle school girl wondering what gifts and talents she has. A little first grader who finds school difficult but finds herself when singing. A high schooler who is incredibly gifted in logistics or perhaps directing. 

“We tell them that their identity is in Christ but we need them to experience that. To experience it–we need to give spaces and times for them to experience that.”

Matt Covey, Head of School

Those of you that have seen our jazz band concerts or our productions like Annie Jr. know how incredible our students and teachers are. This space will celebrate those gifts and enable them to spread their gift to more people. Every piece of this facility is designed for excellent acoustics and performances. Listen to the full podcast episode to hear about the chairs coming from Spain and other exciting features!

Matt imagines how impactful a moment singing to an audience can empower a student. “God has given her a voice like a songbird. Picture her standing before the audience singing a solo in that space and sensing the talent that God has given her…how much she can experience God’s pleasure and presence.” 

A space for the whole community

The PAC is not only a promising space for our students who love the arts, but for all students. We are calling the PAC the heartbeat of our campus. Not only will the PAC be built in the center of our building, we know it will be bustling with activity. This space will be filled all day long with chapels, worship, classes, performances, meetings, celebrations, etc. Our team has poured hours into choosing state-of-the-art equipment so that the space becomes flexible. We can use it for after-school clubs, banquets, debates, dinners, competitions, and professional development for teachers–the possibilities are endless. 

What are the next steps to finish the dream? 

After phase one of this project, we will be able to host shows in the PAC. After phase two, there will be more capabilities with AV/broadcasting, LED virtual staging, and even spring flooring for dance performances. Phase one will cost about 4.7 million dollars. We have been blown away by our community’s generosity already. In March, donors stepped up with an $800,000 matching pledge. We are about $520,000 toward our end of that match. We ask our community to consider joining us as we try to close the gap.

If you would like to be a part of the project, there are several ways to get involved. To learn more about the project and how to help, please visit the Finish the Dream page on our website.

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