Welcoming Our Campus Safety Officer

Our mission to provide our students and families with the best education possible includes a commitment to grow every year. After a security audit and consultation this spring, our leadership team decided to add a full-time safety personnel to our DC team.

We are excited to welcome retired Officer John Ford to our staff. John’s desire to make Denver Christian as safe as possible for students combined with his considerable expertise make him the perfect addition to our community.

Officer Ford recently retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department, after 30 years of service. During his first four years as a patrol officer, Officer Ford served in elementary schools as an instructor in the DARE program. Officer Ford has served as a direct liaison for school district following Columbine in 1999. Over the next 26 years of his career, Officer Ford served as a member of the SWAT team and K-9 unit. During his career, Officer Ford received a Purple Heart and Medal of Honor, as well as a Medal of Valor. Officer Ford and his wife, Kathleen, recently moved to the area. after he retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2020. They have three adult children, Paysley, Savannah, and Donovan. 

Officer Ford is busy getting to know our students and families!

No one rejoices in the need for increased security measures. However, we realize that they are absolutely necessary in the world that we live in. We are thankful that John Ford is here as a part of our staff!

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