Internships Develop College and Career Readiness

Graduation’s in the air and we’re excited for our high school seniors who are preparing to transition to college, career, and beyond! Our students are both academically prepared and personally equipped for their next steps after graduation. One of the ways we prepare our students for success in college and career is through internships.

From Front Desk to Flight Deck

Over the past semester, some of our seniors have completed internships to kickstart their exploration of the world outside of the classroom. Through working in different fields, students are not only able to “try on” a different industry for the semester, but they also gain valuable experience applying their skills and learning in a new environment.

Sometimes, seniors have more room in their schedule. Sebastian entered senior year with a good amount of time in his schedule. This is why he decided to pursue an internship. He has worked at the front desk of a Marriot Courtyard and Residence Inn. Sebastian says this time has allowed him to get perspective on the world and learn about real life. Through this opportunity, Sebastian applied the values instilled in him in the real world. Currently, Sebastian wants to work as a pilot. This experience might not have a flight log, but it’s allowed Sebastian to learn more about travel, and more importantly–serving others. 

“It’s been an excellent opportunity to get more perspective on the world and get outside and learn more about real life.”

~Sebastian (Class of 2023)

Investigating Careers in Healthcare

Similarly, Arden Huscroft has been able to explore the real world through various fields in the healthcare industry. Arden is interning with a nurse practitioner. However, she has shadowed doctors in a surgery center, orthodontists, and physician’s assistants. Arden molded retainers and saw what rounds look like for a doctor. She says that this range of experience has allowed her to narrow down her interests It also solidifies her desire to work in the healthcare field. 

Often, we have no idea what a career field is like until well into, or even after college. When students explore careers during high school, they gain an understanding and perspective of various roles and their actual interest in the work involved with them.

Courtney is another of our seniors who’s interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy. An internship allowed her to get hands-on experience years before she would be applying for physical therapy school. Helping patients with their warmups and exercises and seeing the paperwork involved in the field helped Courtney better understand the variety of tasks and activities involved in a physical therapist’s job. 

Education from a Teacher’s Perspective

Payton’s interest in teaching led to her interning in Denver Christian’s elementary school. Despite her many years in school as a student, school from a teacher’s perspective looks completely different. Payton’s internship clarified her college and career goals. She says, “I’ve learned that I really do want to do this. I love children, and I love the classroom.”

high school student helps elementary students
Payton’s internship in the elementary classroom

Internships develop college and career readiness, and these opportunities are just one of the many ways that Denver Christian Christian High School prepares students for success beyond graduation. Are you interested in learning about the benefits of a Denver Christian Christian High School education? Contact our admissions team to learn more and schedule a tour.

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