Honors Societies in Junior and High School

As a school, we are committed to whole-child education. We celebrate children’s growth in all spheres of development, including cognitive growth, creative and innovative growth, and personal growth. Each year, we have the honor of celebrating our students who go above and beyond in investing in the gifts the Lord has given them. For years, we have recognized our high school students’ efforts with induction into the National Honor Society. This year, we are excited to also welcome middle school students into the National Junior Honor Society. 

High School: National Honor Society

The National Honor Society began in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Today, over a  million students participate worldwide. Approximately half of our students (sophomores to seniors) participate. In order to become a member, students must achieve a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, submit an application essay, and be evaluated by the high school staff on the NHS standards: character, service, leadership, and scholarship.  

Membership in the National Honor Society does not just celebrate academic achievement. It promotes leadership, service, and character, providing opportunities for students to engage in community service projects and develop their leadership skills. To maintain their membership, students not only maintain their grade point average. They also pour into the community around them by completing off-campus service hours. 

Our members truly are exemplars of character, service, leadership, and scholarship. These pillars are not only the NHS standards but examples of how our students are examples of the light of Christ in their daily lives.

Middle School: National Junior Honor Society

This year, we have expanded to induct middle school students into the National Junior Honor Society. We are excited to honor students that are working hard academically and want to expand their leadership opportunities.

The application and induction process is similar to high schoolers. We hope that this new chapter allows our middle school students to build a community of students with similar values and explore their interests together.

Membership in an honors society can provide opportunities for students in the future. However, we believe this participation is far more than a line on a resume or college application. We are thankful for the moment to pause and honor the incredible students are blessed with. They are growing in all spheres of life. We know that they will impact the kingdom through their incredible gifts.

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