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The coolest new class in the middle school here at Denver Christian School might surprise you! Would you believe it’s Dave Ramsey‘s Foundations in Personal Finance? It’s true!

The personal finance course is just one of over a dozen classes that Denver Christian’s 7th and 8th graders have freedom to choose from, thanks to a program we’re offering that allows each middle school to select a course through Freedom Learning. Delivered 100% online, these courses offer a wide variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities for our students. 

We are offering this program to strengthen students’ online learning capabilities (especially in light of Covid-19), but we are also offering it in order for students have something different and fun to participate in as an elective. Additionally, some students are able to take a more advanced option of a core class through Freedom Learning if they are advanced in that specific content area (such as math). 

Students have the option to choose from a variety of classes across a number of categories including Fine Arts, Health & Physical Education, Self Improvement, English Language Arts (as an elective and a core class), Technology, and World Languages. They can also select from any of the core classes.

Some specific classes that students are currently taking include: (the uber-popular) Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance, Beginning Painting, Digital Photography, Journalism: Tell Your Story, French, Coding, JavaScript Game Design, Individual and Team Sports, Fitness, Art Explorations, and many more!

What do the middle schoolers think about their Freedom Learning classes?

I’m taking painting, and I created a replica of A Starry Night, the famous van Gogh painting. 

I just finished beginning painting and now I’m doing photography with light. I picked photography because I enjoy taking pictures. We have never done this at Denver Christian but I really enjoy it. I’ve learned a lot about photography. Something I’ve really enjoyed is getting to take pictures and learning so many helpful tips. I like Freedom Learning because they have so many fun activities for my class!

I picked Art explorations. I chose this class because I was interested in learning more about different forms and styles of art. Some things I learned about were photography, painting, acting, and music. I really enjoy this class and would recommend it to anyone trying to expand their art knowledge. 

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We’re thrilled to see our students excited about these expanded learning options, and our parents are thrilled as well. One of the middle schoolers’ moms thought she could finally get some help with her taxes from her now financially savvy student who learned how to calculate taxes. “My mom asked if I could do her taxes now — but I told her no.” While it looks like the local accountants didn’t lose a tax client this year, we’re hopeful that they’re learning valuable, lifelong skills through Freedom Learning: “I’m learning helpful stuff! It’s helping me start to save my money.” 

Amber Ballast

Amber Ballast teaches 6th grade math & science at Denver Christian School. Amber is a fun-loving, creative teacher who loves spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys exploring new places, traveling, being outdoors and watching professional baseball.

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