Expanding Elective Options at DCHS Fall 2020

Interested in exploring forestry & natural resources?  Photojournalism? Cybersecurity? Criminal justice?  Biotechnology?  How about anthropology or creative writing?  Starting the fall of 2020, Denver Christian’s high school students can enroll in these and any other of the 13 AP classes + 120 electives across science, social science, technology, humanities, agriculture, business, health, and more offered through Denver Christian School’s expanded partnership with Freedom Learning.

College & Career Preparation

We’ve partnered with Freedom Learning for the past 3 years, and they recently added a number of exciting electives that specifically explore career & college major paths.

A number of Denver Christian School high school students have taken Freedom Learning electives in the first years of our partnership, and in the 2020/2021 school year we are going to be encouraging all seniors to take a class with Freedom Learning to fulfill their college/career graduation requirement.

This will help them explore future college/career options, introduce them to online courses (and how to be successful taking them), and allow them to be enriched in areas outside of our traditional classes.  Ultimately, this will help them be more well-rounded as students and prepared for college and life beyond high school.

We will have seniors taking these classes …. and other students who have specific interest in online classes (similar to what we’ve done for the past few years)  This is primarily to fulfill elective credits (not required classes); however, each student is handled individually.

Online Learning “Labrarian”

Mrs. Nancy Waanders will serve as the online learning coordinator, in addition to her current roles as librarian and writing lab instructor.  She jokes that her expanded job title should be “Learning Lab-rarian” – and we’re going with it!  

In this role, Mrs. Waanders will be acting in part as a learning mentor, getting to know students and their learning styles and interests, in order to help them broaden their education.  She will help students select Freedom Learning courses, manage the enrollment process, and support their progress throughout the semester. 

Engaging God’s Big World

Mrs. Waanders is eager to begin her work in this new role, and is excited for the opportunities our expanded partnership with Freedom Learning will provide Denver Christian students. 

Mrs. Waanders notes that, “as we have seen in the past few months, online learning can be a viable and effective educational tool.  It’s convenient, but more importantly, it allows students access to much more diverse subjects than can be offered in a traditional high school. Classes like Biotechnology, Space Exploration, Anthropology, Culinary Arts, and Sports Management, to name a few, will give students glimpses into the bigger world God created and their own gifting, which will help them to engage the world with Christ’s transforming love. 

God has wonderfully made each person with a unique combination of gifts. Applying those gifts in gratitude to God and in service to others is our purpose in God’s kingdom. Finding that gives ultimate meaning and joy.”

Freedom Learning classes are primarily intended for upper-level high school students at Denver Christian School, and we will continue to evaluate opportunities for additional grade levels as well.

Learn more and hear from Mrs. Waanders and Mr. Covey, Denver Christian Head of School, on this podcast:  https://linktr.ee/DClink.

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