Denver Christian High School, by the Numbers

As the Denver Christian High School class of 2020 is preparing to head off to college, work, and travel this fall and we’re welcoming the class of 2024 to their first high school classes, we wanted to share some exciting news about the achievements of last academic year’s high school classes! 

64%:  the percentage of our AP/Honors students who passed the AP exam, which is a record high for DC!  This is above the national average of 60% and in spite of all classes going unexpectedly online from March through the end of the academic year.  

24:  The number of students passing AP History exams, another record for DCS.  13 students passed the US History exam and 11 passed the World History exam … and the World History students were freshmen.  That’s an unusually high number of freshmen passing an AP exam the first time around.  

24.8:  the average ACT score of the class of 2020

31.4:  the average ACT score of the top 25% of the class of 2020

29:  the average ACT score of the top 50% of the class of 2020.  All of these ACT averages are among the top scores for both private and public schools in the Denver Metro area!

$120,000:  The average amount of merit-based scholarships awarded per student from the class of 2020, among the highest average scholarship amounts awarded to both private and public high school students from the class of 2020 in the Denver metro area.

Part of delivering a world-class, whole-child Christian education is measuring and evaluating the academic outcomes and growth of our students.   These numbers confirm that our staff provide a rigorously challenging education throughout the entire high school experience (remember the freshmen who passed their first AP exam!), that our students are equipped to achieve at the highest levels, and that our school culture promotes diligence, effort, and success. 

We’re proud of these students and eager to see what opportunities open up for them beyond Denver Christian School!  

Other good news — we’re getting ready to welcome over 120 new students to DCS in just a few weeks.  Limited space is still available.  Get our Back-to-School Download  and contact Carrie Johnson, Director of Admissions, for additional information and to schedule a tour.

Good things are happening at DC!   

-Matt Covey, Head of School

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