By the Numbers: Denver Christian School 2021-2022

The excitement of returning to school in the fall is always preceded by a lot of effort by our leadership team and faculty. With the first week of school behind us, we are so excited to see the way that our summer projects have paid off!

Here are a few of the number of things we are especially excited about…

Renovated Spaces 

Number of new classrooms: 5

Many of you know that we are growing! In order to maintain and improve our amazing facility we have added 5 classrooms through our summer remodel! We also expanded a classroom, added a few offices, and renovated our dining facility both indoors and out.

We are so thankful that we get to welcome students into this space last week.

Faithful Staff

Number of returning staff: 79

If you have been keeping up with us on Instagram this summer, you know that we have introduced several new faculty and staff members for the 2021-2022 school year. We welcomed 22 new staff members! Did you know that 79 staff members returned to Denver Christian School this year? We are so thankful for their faithful service to our community. Together, they have put in more than 5600 hours of work in the past week getting ready for our students to fill our halls!

Refreshment & Celebration

Number of burgers grilled at PD & new parent/student BBQ: 650!!
Number of water bottles Mr. Covey asked for: 36
Number of grapes eaten: 2543 (give or take!)
Number of times Mr. Epperhart asked for applause: 14
(give or take!)

No professional development week would be complete without some refueling and celebration of the school year!

Growing Community 

Number of tours given this summer: 48

We are so thankful for our growing community and the new families we get to welcome every year. Thanks to the efforts of our admissions team, we were able to tour 48 families through Denver Christian School this summer. This meant that we were able to welcome 787 students back to school this month! 211 of those students are new to Denver Christian! Our largest class is our 7th grade class with 72 students.

We are so grateful for a school that is so much more than just a school building. By expanding and updating our facilities, we are allowing the most important thing to happen: for our amazing community to thrive. Denver Christian is truly blessed by an amazing community of students, families, and staff.

There is so much excitement, effort, and planning for back to school that went on behind the scenes this summer. Welcome back, Denver Christian community!

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