Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Borger

Since graduating from Denver Christian in 2003, Ryan Borger has been on a tremendous journey. From running and training others for triathlons to battling cancer, Ryan’s story is a reminder of the Lord’s presence with us and through us throughout all seasons of our lives. 

Ryan attended Denver Christian from kindergarten until graduating in 2003. Ryan reflects that his time at Denver Christian created a supportive environment to grow up in: “Being around quality people who love God, for that many years on a daily basis, who are living for the right reasons and who teach you to keep the Lord first – rubs off on you and really shapes who you are. I had great teachers, coaches, and role models  at DC – people who made a big impact on me.”

During his time at Denver Christian, Ryan learned how to put his whole effort into his work, whether it was academically or in other activities. While Ryan was in high school, he was on the cross country and basketball teams. 

The cross country team won two state championships and took running very seriously. Ryan reflects, “more than winning Dale taught us how to work incredibly hard. I know my teammates would agree that Dale Schoolmeester had a huge impact on our lives. He was a living example of hard work himself. I am very grateful to have coaches and teachers who raised me up with an example of how to put in the work.” 

Ryan’s continued running in track and cross country during his time at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. After graduating with a double major in Business and Spanish, Ryan wanted to further challenge himself athletically. As an all-in person, Ryan decided to put his effort into training to become a professional triathlon athlete. After two years of running at an amateur level, Ryan earned his professional license. For the next 4-5 years, Ryan ran a triathlon coaching business while running professionally. Ryan says, “It was an incredible experience to pursue a goal, and live it – I am grateful for those years and was able to travel throughout the US, as well as race in Mexico & Canada. It was fun to line up next to the Olympic gold medalists at races in Canada, and race athletes from all over the world at super hot beachfront races in Mazatlan, Mexico.” 

After breaking his foot, Ryan needed surgery and time to get back in shape. During this season, Ryan had an acquaintance reach out to tell him that he had an intense and disturbing dream from the Lord. Ryan says, “A mind-blowing series of events followed that led me to ignore my doctor when he told me I was fine, and we found the cancer.  I had never had a prophetic experience before and didn’t fully understand it, but I knew God had further plan for me.” Despite doctors initially saying that everything was fine with Ryan, he was diagnosed with cancer in late 2015. 

Ryan has worked in residential real estate for the last eight years and flipped dozens of houses. Throughout his journey, Ryan has realized how important it is to put our full effort into what we do: I am constantly convicted to seek opportunities to make a bigger difference today, and not wait. It’s easy to say, “one day I want to do this or that, or donate financially to that cause, or donate my time to volunteer here or there.” The reality is we do not know how many more days or years we have here, so there’s urgency and importance in making a difference today, and not tomorrow. Recently, he has felt called to make deep connections with others rather than be satisfied with things on the surface: Through my job as a realtor and residential developer, I interact with tons of people every day, from all different walks of life and with different backgrounds and I try to be aware of how I can get to know these individuals on a deeper level.

Ryan’s work is an important reminder that the Lord uses us to minister to others wherever we are.  At Denver Christian we pray for our students to be community builders and resource stewards regardless of their specific vocation.

Ryan’s journey shows the exciting journey the Lord takes us on when we are willing to be all-in. The Lord is with us and leading us, whether that means building a business or battling cancer. Ryan and his wife, Amy live in Colorado with their three beautiful daughters!

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