A Firm Foundation: Our Denver Christian Story

“Because of the faith-based education our kids receive at Denver Christian School, they are more at peace in these uneasy times knowing God has a plan for them.”

-Emily Lenertz, Denver Christian School parent

What do you love about Denver Christian School?

Our kids have been accepted from the minute they arrived.  The teachers truly love educating the kids and LOVE our kids.  We had high expectations when we decided on Denver Christian and the school has exceeded every one we set.  The kids are challenged and curious and wanting to learn more. 

Why did you choose Denver Christian School for your Children?

In addition to the world class education they receive, we wanted our kids to be able to live-in and express their faith day-in and day-out.  Denver Christian develops the whole child (cognitive, creative and innovative, physical, social and emotional, spiritual, and personal growth).  All pieces are so important to prepare healthy, educated and happy kids to tackle the world as they grow older.  It is so important to us as a family for our future society.    

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith?

Because of the faith-based education our kids received from Denver Christian, they are more at peace in these uneasy times knowing God has a plan for them.  They see how God and education are intertwined.  For example, they see how God shows himself in science with his wonderful imagination and it gives them a deeper understanding for the world and it’s workings.

What would you tell another parent considering enrolling their child at Denver Christian School?

Denver Christian is a true community.  We came from a public school, and although the idea of tuition seemed like a lot at first, we’ve learned it’s a bargain for what we get in return.  The enthusiasm the teachers show for teaching our kids is reflected in our kids’ excitement to go to school everyday.  Set up a tour, meet the exceptional staff and come see why so many are choosing Denver Christian!    

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