Announcing Direct Admissions with Bethel University

At Denver Christian School, we are committed to ever-growing as a school and community. Every year, we thoughtfully evaluate and then invest our time and effort into how we can best serve our students and families. We are excited to share that we now have a direct-admissions partnership with Bethel University. This opportunity not only opens doors for our high school students, but also demonstrates the strength of our school and community.

What is direct admissions?

After thoroughly reviewing our high school program, Bethel University has approved our school for direct admissions. This means that our graduates will skip the traditional admissions process and be automatically admitted.

Because of this partnership, Denver Christian students who have a 3.0GPA (or higher): 

  • Are admitted right away, with no application necessary. Students simply follow this link to provide their contact information. This will put students in contact with their admissions counselor to answer any questions about degree programs, financial aid, student life at Bethel University, etc. 
  • Receive a minimum scholarship of $16,000 per year due to their strong academic and faith fit with Bethel University. (Students may be eligible for additional financial aid, depending on their situation.)
  • Have access to the Royal Retreat weekends at Bethel University. For these weekends on campus (with airfare paid by Bethel University), students exploring their college options are invited to spend a weekend at Bethel to get to know the school better.

Why was Denver Christian selected for this partnership?

Denver Christian was approved for this partnership with Bethel University due to the quality of our school’s academic program, supportive and active community, and strong spiritual foundation. Jessica Tangen Daniels, the Associate Provost at Bethel, emphasizes, “This opportunity is possible because of the strength of your school and thus your student body. We are confident in the faith commitments, community expectations, and academic rigor of DCS…” 

In recent years, we have continued to strengthen our high school program in several ways. For example, we have continued to grow our dual enrollment offerings which are eligible to transfer throughout the country. We connect many of our highs school students with internships to give them invaluable experience and skills outside the classroom. In 2023, we launched our High School Career Academies, which allow students to explore a career through academy-specific classes and experiences to introduce them to a specific major and/or career.

We are confident in the faith commitments, community expectations, and academic rigor of Denver Christian School.

Jessica Tangen Daniels, Associate Provost

Our students excel in academics–but that is only one part of the whole-child experience. Our students play sports, explore artistic gifts, lead others, and serve their communities. We don’t take our middle name for granted–Christ is the center of our school. We know each student will make a tremendous difference in the world around them not just because they are well-equipped and qualified, but most of all because of the unique call that the Lord has on their life. 

That this incredible opportunity is a testament to the strength of Denver Christian High School and its exceptional student body. We are proud of what this partnership with Bethel University shows about our incredible community, and excited to see what the future holds for each of our high school students.

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