DC Theater accepted into the Fringe Festival

We are thrilled to announce that our theater program has been accepted into the Fringe Festival, the largest performing arts festival in the world! In the summer of 2023, our theater students will have the opportunity to travel to the UK. After two days in London attending the theater there, they will head to Edinburgh and perform on the American High School Theatre Festival’s stage at the festival. 

What is the Fringe Festival?

Being accepted into this program is an incredible accomplishment. The Fringe Festival is the most prestigious arts festival in the world–similar to the Sundance Film Festival. The entire city of Edinburgh transforms for three weeks to celebrate theater. (There are over 3,000 productions with 40,000+ performers.) Being included on the AHSTF stage is an honor for our program. After the nomination process, the Board of Directors of The American High School Theater Festival thoroughly evaluates each applicant’s profile. 

Sharing Christ through the arts

This opportunity is not just an honor for our program, but an incredible opportunity for our students to share their passion for honoring Christ through theater on a new platform. Mrs. Loper explains, “We have an opportunity to worship God in a public venue in front of the world.” We represent Christ through everything that we do. From competing on the athletics field to shining on the theater stage, we teach students at Denver Christian to reflect their identity in Christ by developing their God-given talents and abilities. 

Whole child education in theater

Mrs. Loper believes that the whole-child approach to education makes our program stand out. In sharing about our program with AHSTF, she shared about how our theater program focuses on whole-child development. It does not just develop students’ theater skills, but their social, emotional, creative, and spiritual selves as well. We are so thankful for students who use their talents to bless others around them.

In theater this year, students have learned about the way that theater impacts our hearts through the stories it tells. Mrs. Loper shares, “We are all living through this history that God is writing. We all have roles in it. How do we connect with each other as a part of the bigger plan.” The performing arts truly are the perfect place for students to learn more about the Story of God.

Don’t miss the spring musical!

Our High School spring musical is coming up! Our students will be performing “That Guy Named Job,” a piece inspired by the Book of Job. Performances will be on Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th–keep an eye out for tickets!

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