Creative Opportunities: DCS Specials Classes

The hallways are buzzing again at Denver Christian School, and we’re thrilled with the sounds of students’ talking and laughing filling our campus again!  Our teachers have approached the adjustments to instruction with creativity and positivity, and our students have been flexible and understanding and for that we’re extremely grateful.

Although a lot of schools have pressed “pause” on specials during this exceptional year, we are finding creative solutions to allow us to still do what we love most, and we wanted to check in with our specials teachers after the first few weeks back to see how they’ve adapted their classes.

Same Kids, Same Teachers

“Kids are still kids!” says Jen Last, our Elementary & Middle school music teacher. “They are still making music, learning, and growing in the Lord!” 

Mrs. Lawrence-Krekel put it simply: “Same kids. Same music. Same teachers.” Our music, art, and technology programs are still high quality, and seek to challenge our students  to create, innovate, and experiment.  Despite the many changes implemented to protect our staff and students’ well being, the core of what we do hasn’t changed. 

Creative Adjustments 

As a part of our Every Student, Every Day–Safely reopening, an abundance of caution has gone into planning every specials subject. As in all of our classrooms, seating has changed. The distribution of supplies in art is individualized, and fewer partner games and songs are used in elementary music class.

Our teachers have found creative solutions such as covering flutes with face shields in band or ordering special “singing-friendly” masks for choir. Our theater teacher has creatively picked a fall production that is naturally socially distanced, and will double-cast the play to allow more students to participate safely.

Creative Opportunities  

Jen Last explained, “I am excited to try new lessons because of Covid. Being challenged and creative as a teacher keeps me growing so that I can be my best for kids!” In a time of disappointment and anxiety, we could not be more thankful for our creative outlets.

Elementary art teacher Mrs. Mansfield notes, “The process of creating is uplifting, often relaxing, and a perfect outlet for expression. In this unusual year, I’m excited for the students to allow themselves time to enjoy making an array of art in an encouraging and fun setting.”

Specials teachers are embracing this year as an opportunity to create and experiment — the same things we encourage students to do!

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