Alumni Spotlight: David Keimig

I will praise you to all my brothers. I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the powerful things you have done.” 

Psalm 22:22

Alumni David Keimig (Class of 2006) chose to feature Psalm 22:22 when founding his nonprofit organization, the Joy Amidst Friedreich’s Foundation (JAFF). In reflecting on his early elementary memories, to his disability, or his experiences traveling the world and writing a book–David is a testimony to the powerful things that God has done and will continue to do through him.

David and his two siblings, Jeanelle and Daniel, all attended Denver Christian from kindergarten through high school. David says that, “since I was little, one of my favorite things about school was the teachers!” He remembers stopping to hug the elementary school secretary, Adele Kroonenberg, every day before leaving the building. In middle school, he remembers how he and friends started having lunch and visiting the counselor, Jen Jackson. Eventually, they began having group bible studies. 

When David was eleven, he began having problems with his balance. During his first year of middle school, he was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a progressive, neuromuscular disorder. In eighth grade, David underwent spinal fusion surgery. “From freshman through senior year was when my body really started to change,” David explains. “Through the years I started to lose balance and the ability to walk.” When David graduated high school in 2006, he had begun using a walker. He noted how Mr. Posthumus began bringing a scooter for David to use at school, and moved his history class to make it more accessible. While Denver Christian did not have a formal Extend program at this time, Dee Dyk worked with David to ensure that his schedule was safe and accessible.

“Especially through my time with surgeries, both teachers and students made the choice to support, visit, and encourage me. Though the rest of the time my body started to weaken, school remained a safe and happy place for me.” 

David Keimig

For David, community was not just one thing about Denver Christian. Looking back at his experience, he calls it the greatest part of Denver Christian. The relationships that David built during his time at Denver Christian have been long lasting and meaningful. “Everything was built around Jesus and centered on Jesus,” David says. He adds, “Denver Christian taught me how a Christian community should look and it has shaped my life, and most importantly, my relationship with Jesus!” 

After graduating from Denver Christian, David studied at Colorado Christian University, where he studied Global Studies. After his college graduation, David spent four years working at the state legislature at the capitol building in Denver, for the Senate Republicans, and as an aide to Senator Scott Renfroe of Greeley. He then went on to volunteer here at DC, working closely with Dee Dyk and Jen Jackson. David worked in our preschool, in classes, and with the counseling department. He served as a high school student’s para-educator and went on to  serve at Children’s Hospital, where he worked in the childcare center and a space called the “Tween Zoon” for siblings and patients. 

David especially enjoys traveling with his parents, Mark and Carrie. Before turning thirty, David was able to celebrate traveling to all 50 states. “I have been tremendously blessed to visit 28 countries and territories in my life,” he says. One highlight for David was traveling to Israel in the spring of last year, and then to the Arctic Peninsula recently. “God has blessed me greatly with a family who do all they can to ensure that I can experience all of these things!” (David is also the proud uncle of 5 nieces and a nephew!)

Several years ago, David felt called by the Lord to write a book sharing his testimony and how the Lord has worked in and through it. Friedereich’s Ataxia disorder is progressive, and David has  experienced slow changes over time. “I now require a wheelchair and have slowly lost the ability to even use that independently very much,” he explains. “My speech has changed, my muscles, including my fingers, have become weaker and less usable, and I have developed heart issues related to the disorder.” David has been in the hospital several times, and, on a few occasions, came close to losing his life. Although David stopped writing for a while, he says that  “God, without question, told me that I needed to finish this project.”

After working with an editor, his publishers and publishing agency, the book was published in November 2023. Its title, Joy Amidst Friedreich’s Ataxia: Deo Gloria—To God Be the Glory! The book is about my life, dealing with my disability, but mainly my testimony of how my circumstances have had an impact on my faith and relationship with God, and also how Jesus has worked in my life through my circumstances. It is a witness and an encouragement for the reader to seek Jesus through whatever trials they deal with.” 

David emphasized that this book isn’t about him–the Lord was the one who called him to write it. All proceeds from the book will go to the Joy Amidst Friedreich’s Foundation (JAFF). JAFF was created to offer support and encouragement to Christians facing challenges that have impacted their faith.

“It is my hope and goal with this book, that one reader would be impacted and led to Jesus through it. If that happened, all of the time, money, and energy spent towards publishing this book will have been worth it!”

David Keimig

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