The Sensing Family

Our family moved to Colorado from Florida two years ago for my husband’s career.  We had never even visited Colorado before.  One of our first priorities was making sure our four children receive a good Christian education.  We initially chose DC for its location and outstanding facilities, but we have been blown away by how much our children thrive there.  From the daily faith influences from teachers and staff to the outstanding Biblical knowledge in the classroom, Denver Christian has exceeded our expectations.  Our kids look forward to going to school every day.  They know they are in a safe environment where they can work hard and not be afraid to fail because encouragement is everywhere.  The school not only cares for their academic growth but spiritual growth as well.  The teachers truly get to know each child and help them strive to be better individuals.  If I am concerned about anything, I can easily get in touch with any of them.  I would encourage anyone considering a private school education to check out Denver Christian.  It is a special family and we are blessed to be a part of it.

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