parent2016We are very honored and would like to congratulate our Denver Christian Preschool for being awarded first place for 2016 Colorado Parent “Family Favorite”. Come and see why Denver Christian School, and Denver Christian Preschool was awarded first place with the 2016 Colorado Parent “Family Favorite” Award.

Denver Christian’s model of inspired, equipped and engaged begins already at the preschool level:

  • Through Play:  Denver Christian preschool is a play-based preschool. We provide learning-centered activities throughout the day that focus on developing the whole child. Teachers work with students daily on social-emotional skills, conflict resolution, restorative practices, and creative thinking.  Every day includes active play through music time, Bible time, fine motor skills work and much more.
  • Through the Bible and Discipling Relationships:  All of Denver Christian, including our preschool, uses Christian Schools International curriculum for Bible teachings. Prayer and discussion about God’s beautiful creation are woven in throughout the entire learning experience. Preschoolers have opportunities to interact with the entire Denver Christian community through supervised all school chapel programs, Faith Teams and Reading Buddies. These interactions allow our preschoolers to feel they belong and they are a valuable members of the Denver Christian family.
  • Through Active Education:  We use Zoo Phonics to teach letters and sounds through fun actions and animals. We practice many pre-reading, skill-building activities throughout the day. We use Scholastic’s Lets Find Out and My Big World to learn about the world around us. Even our preschoolers use technology to learn through interactive boards and listening labs.
  • Through Community Support: Our highly qualified, caring, Denver Christian preschool teachers, Mrs. Maggie, Ms. Brittney, Ms. Sonja and Ms. Jan are available daily for communication with parents. Through this interaction, we come to know more about your children and you. We work on adopting strategies that will work for each individual child, asking “How will God use this child’s unique character for His kingdom?”

We are able to offer small class sizes with large classrooms, providing plenty of space for children to be active. Preschool parents are encouraged to become connected to the Denver Christian community through the Denver Christian Parent Association.


Our Preschool Programs:

3-year-olds (Preschool):

  • Two mornings a week:  Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Friday from 8:20 am – 12:30 pm
  • Lunch Time 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

4-year-olds (PreK):

    • Three mornings a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 8:20 am – 12:30 pm
    • Three full days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 8:20 am – 3:15 pm
    • Five full days a week: Monday through Friday – 8:20 am -3:15 pm
    • Lunch Time 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm for all preschool classes

 Explore a Day in the Life of a Denver Christian Preschool Student