In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, one of our ACSI sister schools, Pine Drive Christian, experienced devastating flooding and damage. Inspiring us to do more and help Pine Drive get “back to school” are some of our 8th Grade students who quickly conceived the concept of: Hershey’s for Harvey Relief.

We continue to care, pray, and collect donations for Pine Drive Christian School. Will you contribute to help their school, families, and students rebuild?


Denver Christian School will send one check to Pine Drive Christian School.

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Denver Christian School
3898 S. Teller St.
Lakewood, CO 80235

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Preschool Schedule & Payment Plan

Half Day runs from 8:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Full Day PreK runs from 8:20 AM to 3:15 PM.

3-year olds, 2 mornings T/F: $2,360 ($236/month on 10 payment plan)
3-year olds, 2 mornings M/W: $2,360 ($236/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 3 mornings T/Th/F: $3,235 ($323.50/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 3 full days T/Th/F: $5,595 ($559.50/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 5 full days M-F: $9,725 ($972.50/month on 10 payment plan)

Education Fee*: $100 (Education fee for class activities and field trips)