2014 - 2014 Denver Christian Schools Move to Teller.

2014 All Denver Christian Campuses moved to Teller Street Property. Doors open to preschool through 12th grade students


A whole new world of learning

Denver Christian Schools relocates to Lakewood


Lakewood will be the home of another scholarly institution with the purchase of a 270,000-square-foot building on a 20.7-acre property for Denver Christian Schools.

The property, located at 3898 S. Teller St., in the Academy Park area, will be the single home for DCS’s pre-K through 12th grade program for more than 600 students.

“We wanted to remain committed to being around for another hundred years and wanted to be a strong part of the community,” Ray Boersema, CEO of DCS said.

“We wanted to be on one campus to optimize learning and develop each child’s passion.”

DCS is currently located at three separate properties — two in Denver and one in Highlands Ranch — and went to Northstar Commercial properties for help with purchasing a new location and selling their three old locations.

“This is an excellent opportunity. We searched all over the Denver community for a location. We wanted DCS to be near their old locations but also have the ability to reach out to new areas,” Brian Watson, founder and president of Northstar said. “The synergy of being near other schools and in Lakewood — who have been a pleasure to work with — is great for the school.”

The property cost $7.6 million, which was less than 38 percent of its appraised value.

There will be some construction and development on the campus to create a gymnasium, football field and other features that students at the school might need. The aim is for the school to be up and operational by the beginning of the 2014 school year.

“We’re hoping the property will be usable for the community once we’re set up,” Boersema said. “We want to connect with the community in as many ways as we can.”

Boersema added that partnerships will be a important part of the schools success moving forward, and that includes nearby schools like Colorado Christian University, Red Rocks Community College, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and Colorado Academy.

According to Boersema, both staff and students are excited to be in one location, and the changes for collaboration that this will bring.

“This is going to be a world-class educational environment,” Watson said. “The school really showed good stewardship by deciding to take this location instead of building a new location. Rarely do you find a deal and opportunity like this.”

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