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Part of our vision of providing world-class whole child education includes helping our students develop their creative skills and talents.  We have a visions and plans to renovate our Lakewood campus to add performing arts space that can host classes, musicals, plays, concerts, and chapels.  The $3 million dollar price tag to fund a Performing Arts Center may seem daunting to complete all at once, but what if we could build this one seat, one stage, one HVAC system at a time?  We can!  We invite you to partner with us to provide a best-in-class Performing Arts Center for the students, staff, and community of Denver Christian School.

Total Project Cost: $3,000,000

Fund the Entire Performing Arts Center: $3,000,000

Fund A Performing Arts Center Phase! (There are 3 Phases) $1,000,000

General Conditions: This is all the stuff that no one wants to talk about but every well-run construction project needs and does – essentially Procurement and Contracting Requirements. $158,000

Construction Facilities and Selective Structure Demolition: What construction project could go without Dumpsters, Debris Hauling and Clean-up, Temporary Heating & Enclosure, Temporary Fire Protection, Temporary Lighting & Power, Partitions, Abatement of Hazardous Materials, Removal of Mercury Containing Ballasts, Thermostats, etc. $50,500

Temporary Equipment: These tools are important to the completion of our project: Storage container, tools and supplies, scaffolding, permit costs, bobcat with attachments, fuel for the bobcat, forklift, fuel for the forklift, cleaning and waste management $12,000

Closeout Procedures: Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Equipment Demonstration, Owners Training, 1 Year Warranty, Printing/Reproduction of As-Built Documents, CAD As-Built Documents $675

Concrete Reinforcing: Rebar install, Welded Wire Fabric install, Reinforcing steel concrete $6,900

Masonry: CMU Patching and Required Lift, Install Lintel, Sawcut CMU and Tooth CMU at New Doors and Windows $27,600

Metals: Structural Steel Fabrication $41,400

Carpentry: Roof blocking, Curb Blocking, Lifts, Blocking in Auditorium, Finish carpentry, wood casework, sound booth counter top, control room counter top with support legs, architectural woodwork $54,000

Thermal and Moisture Protection: Membrane roofing, sheet metal flashing and trim, roof accessories, joint sealants, smoke vents at stage, $18,025

Doors, Windows, and Glass: Doors, Frames, and hardware, access doors and frames, overhead coiling and sectional doors, entrances $31,500

Finishes: Gypsum board assemblies, framing and drywall, skimming and patching construction, Tiling, Acoustical Ceilings, Flooring – broadloom carpet, floor preparation, carpet protection, rubber base $41,275

Wood Flooring: Wood Stage Floor, Wood stage floor ramps $38,200

Painting and Wallcovering: Painting, paint gypsum board ceiling clouds, touch up walls at end of projects $28,500

Specialties: visual display surfaces, signage, operable partitions, fire extinguishers $8,550

Audio/Visual Equipment: Sound system, video projection system and motorized screen, color camera, distribution and flat panel display, theatre technical intercom system, assistive listening system $380,000

Stage Curtains: Curtains, and dead-hung stage pipes for drapery and scenery $70,000

Theatrical Lighting: Performance lighting and control, performance lighting fixtures and accessories, motorized pipe battens for front of house and stage lighting $305,000

Auditorium Seating: We know you will want to sit down when you come to the Fine Arts Center. So fund a seat, or two or three. Fund a whole row – all for DC!  We need 500 seats total. The first 40 have already been purchased by our thoughtful donors to the “Take a Seat” Campaign. One Seat: $600

Fire Suppression: This is the indoor fire suppression, ie, sprinkler system for the Fine Arts Center. $23,500

HVAC: Keeping everyone comfortable during a performance is important! HVAC system, Supply and Return Ductwork, 40-Ton RTU with Economizer and Exhaust, Temporary Filters, Mechanical Permits and Fees, Test and Balance, Building Automation System with lighting control $211,150

Electrical: Electrical system, feeders to branch panels, devices and branch wiring, House lighting, mechanical equipment connections, low voltage sleeves and raceways, electrical permits and fees, integrated lighting controls $203,700

Communications: Structured Cabling, Intercom system, clock systems $12,000

Electronic Safety & Security $3,800

The new DC Fine Arts Center will become the home of our weekly chapels, performances, band concerts, and more. It will be a state of the art, 500 seat auditorium designed to give our students the opportunity to learn and develop skills whether in the audience, on the stage, or behind the curtain. It will also become a place for you, the families and friends of Denver Christian School, to come together in support and celebration of our students and staff. $3,000,000

Thank You!

Your support goes towards making Denver Christian School the best K-12 education available in Denver!


Thank you for your willingness to give generously to Denver Christian. Please consider a re-occurring gift to DC for the completion of our Performing Arts Center. We are so grateful for every gift, great and small. Whether you give $10 a month or $10,000 a year, you can set the amount and frequency of the gift. Simply follow the prompts. With your help, we will achieve our goal of opening an outstanding Performing Arts Center!

**When you help fund the Performing Arts Center, Denver Christian School reserves the right to allocate funds based on optimal timing and usage for the completion of this specific project. For any specific questions related to the scope and expense of the completion of the Performing Arts Center, please email Brant Epperhart,